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USA Today – Aug 7 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Big Little Lies’ actress Laura DERN
‘It’s a no for me’ NAH
‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’ artist EVE
‘Rumor has it . . .’ IHEARD
‘___ Your Thing’ (Isley Brothers hit) ITS
‘___, Can You Hear Me?’ PAPA
Activist Strangio CHASE
Actor in ‘Beasts of No Nation’ IDRISELBA
Cashew, for example NUT
CBS forensics franchise CSI
City near Tempe MESA
College in Tempe, for short ASU
Dangerous place to be LIONSDEN
Delighted GLAD
Dessert often topped with hot fudge SUNDAE
Do really well EXCEL
Doesn’t get stuck focusing on SEESPAST
Door-to-door job SALES
Draw intersecting lines through XOUT
El ___ lado (the other side) OTRO
Every bit ALL
Exam for a H.S. junior PSAT
Expand horizontally WIDEN
Extra periods in sports, for short OTS
Feature on a graduation cap TASSEL
Features of Texas accents DRAWLS
Feline CAT
Football scores (Abbr.) TDS
Fury IRE
Get everything set PREP
Goosebumps-inducing EERIE
Had the nerve DARED
Hairstyle protected by the CROWN Act AFRO
Hard to find RARE
Hitches in plans SNAGS
Inquire ASK
Invaders in some sci-fi movies ALIENS
Job for a musician GIG
Lacking the right tools ILLEQUIPPED
Latte option SOY
Like a cold stare ICY
Like tartare and crudo RAW
Mouth-related ORAL
Name that’s one of the halves of a word in this clue HAL
New Orleans university TULANE
Numbers in fantasy leagues STATS
Participate in a contest COMPETE
Parts of lists ITEMS
Password at an ATM PIN
People who represent talent AGENTS
Period of time ERA
Pie ___ mode ALA
Prefix meaning ‘against’ ANTI
Pug or pitbull DOG
Ready for picking RIPE
Release a grip LETGO
Relinquish WAIVE
Salted part of a margarita glass RIM
Sashay STRUT
Screech SHRIEK
Short excursion JAUNT
Signed up for JOINED
Sourdough, for example BREAD
Spoiling RUINING
Stiletto or sandal SHOE
Suffix like ‘-like’ ESQUE
Tardy LATE
Too-large sense of self-importance INFLATEDEGO
Tottenham Hotspur F.C., for example TEAM
Translation of ‘hasta’ UNTIL
Very soon INASEC
Wallet cards IDS, for example URL
___ code (part of a phone number) AREA
___ Xing (road sign) PED
___-based scholarship MERIT