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USA Today – Aug 8 2018

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Clues Answers
‘It matters to me’ ICARE
‘Pokemon Go,’ e.g FAD
Abbas’ org PLO
App image ICON
Arctic formation FLOE
Assert, as insanity PLEAD
Attack from all sides BESET
Barnacle’s spot HULL
Beatles song about a Liverpool street PENNYLANE
Berry in smoothies ACAI
Big name in frozen potatoes OREIDA
Bit of dental work INLAY
Bob of ‘Full House’ SAGET
Caffeine-laden nut KOLA
Change, as crossword clues EDIT
Chaotic scene ZOO
Comes to light APPEARS
Commercial real estate figures AREAS
Deemed appropriate SAWFIT
Diva’s showstopper ARIA
Fare with chips FISH
Farm female with curly hair EWE
From square one ANEW
Garment for Dracula CLOAK
Gel-producing plant ALOE
Get some quick shut-eye GRABANAP
Goes public with AIRS
Grillmaster’s utensil TONGS
Habitat for humanity EARTH
Had leftovers, say ATEIN
Hibernation spot LAIR
Highest Sudoku digit, typically NINE
Holier-than-thou PIOUS
Investment scheme’s namesake PONZI
Isn’t upright TILTS
It may make a flag flap STIFFBREEZE
Ivy founded in 1701 YALE
Kid-lit meanie OGRE
Lecherous looks LEERS
Clues Answers
Lie in a hammock, e.g LAZE
Lingerie item SLIP
Macintosh or McIntosh APPLE
Many an elite marathoner KENYAN
Mass of melted cheese, e.g GLOB
Muscle cramp, e.g SPASM
Musician’s asset EAR
Newsroom fixtures DESKS
One performing to 49-Across, perhaps BREAKDANCER
Paretsky of whodunits SARA
Pay stub figure NET
Place for a barbecue grill DECK
Places for seaweed wraps SPAS
Pocket made of dough PITA
Pottery oven KILN
Prepared to shoot AIMED
Pursuer of Capone NESS
Put the kibosh on END
Rapper’s music HIPHOP
Reflex hammer target KNEE
Shaved part of the body, maybe SCALP
Shops with heros DELIS
Showing little emotion STOIC
Simple swimming stroke DOGPADDLE
Site of a pugilistic ‘Thrilla’ MANILA
Soda brand since 1924 NEHI
Sucking-up sort TOADY
Summoned, with ‘for’ SENT
Sword with no cutting edge EPEE
The Hulk’s emotion RAGE
Took no cards STOODPAT
Tree-climbing girls, e.g TOMBOYS
Ultimatum ender ORELSE
Up to no good EVIL
Vessel of 1492 PINTA
Whole bunch SLEW
WPM part PER
YouTube upload VIDEO
___ size (sandpaper rating) GRIT