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USA Today – Aug 8 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Bag Lady’ singer Erykah BADU
‘Beg pardon?’ HUH
‘Done!’ THERE
‘Finally’ singer Peniston CECE
‘Hold on!’ WAITASEC
‘It’s in ___ Kiss’ HIS
‘Terra Ignota’ author Palmer ADA
‘The Wild ___ ‘ (Louise Gluck poem) IRIS
‘Well, well, well!’ OHO
‘Yeah, right!’ DREAMON
‘___ and the Happily Ever After’ (Stephanie Perkins book) ISLA
‘___ on a true story’ BASED
‘___ only as directed’ USE
Accurate statement FACT
Basic idea GIST
Beachfront view SEA
Blues Hall of Famer Clay OTIS
Campaign trail worker AIDE
Chewy treat made with medjools DATECOOKIE
Cotton-tipped item in a makeup bag SWAB
Country that’s the world’s largest producer of olive oil SPAIN
Cuts up finely DICES
Deodorant brand SPEEDSTICK
Did a dairy farm chore MILKED
Elicit a laugh from AMUSE
Energy source often transported by train COAL
Farm animals with yokes OXEN
Feel poorly AIL
Foldable mattresses FUTONS
Fought one-on-one DUELED
Giant snake ANACONDA
Glass in a window PANE
Glorifying poems ODES
Initial poker bets ANTES
Insect with a waggle dance BEE
Judgy sound TSK
Language of Kishwar Naheed’s poems URDU
Language related to LSF ASL
Least risky SAFEST
Like some inspections ONSITE
Lychee centers PITS
Manuel Nunes instruments, for short UKES
Mathematician Autumn KENT
Mehndi party dress SARI
Mournful sound KNELL
Muppet who’s always 3.5 years old ELMO
Non-___ chicken feed GMO
Organ near a temple EAR
Outraged ANGRY
Pass into law ENACT
Pelican State college LSU
Pet that might have a ‘tuxedo’ CAT
Phrase punctuating a performance ANDSCENE
Pic on a pec TAT
Pursuit HUNT
Quintessential PAREXCELLENCE
Reject as false DENY
School carpool driver, perhaps DAD
Sharpens on a grindstone WHETS
Similar AKIN
Sloppy stack HEAP
Soybeans at an izakaya EDAMAME
Target of a spoolie EYEBROW
Thoroughly enjoy EATUP
Tracy’s mom in ‘Hairspray’ EDNA
Treatment from a nail technician PEDICURE
Turmeric may leave one STAIN
Unconfident answer GUESS
Unit of electrical current AMPERE
Up to this point SOFAR
Use a shovel DIG
Vote of support AYE
Walking leisurely AMBLING
Writing utensil PEN
___ and cheese bites MAC
___ avocado rolls EEL
___-mo SLO