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USA Today Crossword September 10 2019

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Clues Answers
___ Scotia lox NOVA
Additive sold at NAPA STP
Arabic greeting SALAAM
Atlanta is its largest hub DELTA
Bell-shaped flowers LILIES
Best Female Athlete e.g. ESPY
Boiled lobster’s color RED
Building add-on perhaps ELL
Bulldogs rooter ELI
Butler at Tara RHETT
Camera and copier brand CANON
Car rental choice SEDAN
Chef who owns NOLA EMERIL
Cicely of The Help TYSON
Commotion to the Bard ADO
Contrary gardener MARY
Crafts website ETSY
Crumpets go-with TEA
Currency of Laos KIP
Doesn’t need HAS
Domed digs IGLOO
Easy on the eyes PRETTY
Feline’s four PAWS
Flower in Van Gogh works IRIS
Fridge 28-Down neutralizer BAKINGSODA
Fusilli or farfalle PASTA
Holed as a putt SANK
Hypnotic state TRANCE
In a cooler perhaps ONICE
Informal gathering of music makers COMMUNITYSING
Investment letters IRA
iPhone downloads MOBILEAPPS
It’s reported to the IRS INCOME
Join with a torch WELD
Julie Andrews title DAME
Just as I figured! AHA
Lab assistant of fiction IGOR
Legendary archer WILLIAMTELL
Like Mr. Hyde EVIL
Looked closely PEERED
Mall occupant usually TENANT
Mass seating PEWS
Miracle team of 1969 METS
Name in luxury hotels OMNI
One of eight a-milking MAID
Online store icon CART
Part of the Swiss skyline ALP
Pentagon calculation AREA
Piece of cake SNAP
Piedmont wine center ASTI
Place for merit badges SASH
Place with a Torah TEMPLE
Psych 101 subject EGO
Pulls a heist on ROBS
Quote as a reference CITE
Red Yellow and Black SEAS
Rice of Gothic fiction ANNE
Road construction sign DETOUR
Rochester’s canal ERIE
Short presentation at a conference LIGHTNINGTALK
Showing compassion HUMANE
Sign of bad food perhaps ODOR
Sleep outdoors perhaps CAMP
Small hopping rodent KANGAROORAT
SNL features SKITS
Some eyeglasses’ lack RIMS
Sound of jackhammers e.g. DIN
Stannite e.g. TINORE
Stone of La La Land EMMA
Tapped vessel KEG
Texter’s Enough said TMI
The Hulk’s emotion RAGE
They’re struck at photo shoots POSES
To recap . . . INSUM
Turn up the heat! BRR
Tyke’s ride TRIKE
Winter air quality NIP
Zebra kin ASS