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USA Today – Dec 12 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Get outta here!’ SCAT
‘Golf ball-sized’ precipitation HAIL
‘Nick of Time’ singer Bonnie RAITT
26-Across feature ALTAR
Affixes, as to a scrapbook PASTES
Ark or barque SHIP
Asian city with a McCain memorial HANOI
Asylum seeker, perhaps EMIGRE
Bat one’s eyelashes, say FLIRT
Case for an immigration attorney EXPIREDVISA
Check for listening devices SWEEP
Cheer at a futbol game OLE
Chick’s cry PEEP
Cleaned up after a game SHOWERED
Contented cat’s sound PURR
Corny jokes, e.g STALEHUMOR
Dead set against ANTI
Defaulter’s loss, for short REPO
Documents in strongboxes DEEDS
Does a slow burn SEETHES
Fan setting LOW
Great time, slangily BLAST
Handle the intros EMCEE
Hit song from way back when MOLDYOLDIE
Hoverer in a tabloid pic UFO
Hydrant attachment FIREHOSE
Lacrosse targets NETS
Lids for laddies TAMS
Like a tuned string TAUT
Like Superman’s vision XRAY
Literary governess Jane EYRE
Many of Wyeth’s ‘Helga Pictures’ NUDES
Mayberry’s ___ Bee AUNT
Mick Jagger, to the Rolling Stones FRONTMAN
Milk purchases CARTONS
Much of the time ALOT
Nick of ‘Tropic Thunder’ NOLTE
Not in the pink ILL
On a need-to-know ___ BASIS
On the go BUSY
Opening for a keycard SLOT
Palate-cleansing dessert SORBET
Parasitic arachnid MITE
Platter player HIFI
Quitter’s cry UNCLE
Quoted as a source CITED
Ran ragged TIREDOUT
Reason to use Glade ODOR
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
Salve ingredient ALOE
Serving platter shape, perhaps OVAL
Sitter’s handful IMP
Sitter’s handful SPOILEDBRAT
Slip a Mickey to DRUG
Smack hard THUMP
Smoking or drinking, for many VICE
Some heirs SONS
Stable newborn FOAL
Steady guy BEAU
Symbols of sanctity HALOS
Take by force SEIZE
Tend to a fairway MOW
Teri of ‘Tootsie’ GARR
Texas Hold ’em fee ANTE
Thresher refuse CHAFF
Title for Helen Mirren DAME
To this day YET
Twiddling one’s thumbs IDLE
Use a wrecking ball on RAZE
Uses a scope AIMS
Vegas wedding setting CHAPEL
Weeder’s tool HOE
West Coast wine valley NAPA
Windy City hub OHARE
Word after cutting or leading EDGE
Word of warning DONT
Yankee Doodle’s ride PONY