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USA Today – Dec 13 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Damn Yankees’ temptress LOLA
‘Halt, matey!’ AVAST
‘My People’ author Abba EBAN
‘O Patria Mia,’ in 28-Down ARIA
‘Popped’ top CORK
1950s Prime Minister Anthony EDEN
Act the coquette FLIRT
Airborne war heroes ACES
All square EVEN
Angry bull’s sound SNORT
Any Barnard College student WOMAN
Austen title heroine EMMA
Auto rental giant ALAMO
Baja resort, familiarly CABO
Bancroft of ‘The Graduate’ ANNE
Baseball’s ‘hot corner’ THIRD
Box office backup LINE
Bullock of ‘Ocean’s 8’ SANDRA
Burlap bags SACKS
Celestial spheres ORBS
Charlie Chaplin accessory CANE
Chinese restaurant condiment HOTMUSTARD
Crystal ball gazer SEER
Cumming who voices Gutsy Smurf ALAN
Diamondback’s warning RATTLE
Dover ___ (flatfish) SOLE
Dwarf planet named for a goddess ERIS
Early microwave oven brand AMANA
Earwax, in medical terms CERUMEN
Eater of forbidden fruit EVE
Explosive sold by Acme TNT
First sitting president to visit China NIXON
Fully engrossed RAPT
Gofer’s task ERRAND
Greetings from ECARDS
Having little rainfall ARID
Hawkeye Pierce’s sitcom MASH
Heartfelt hug WARMEMBRACE
Himalayan of legend YETI
Hoots of disapproval CATCALLS
Host of ‘Paula’s Home Cooking’ DEEN
In plain sight OVERT
In ___ land (spacey) LALA
Lacoste of tennis RENE
Lampooner of Donald on ‘SNL’ ALEC
Lena of ‘Alias’ OLIN
Like an unborn baby’s position FETAL
Many an alibi LIE
Martin of the Rat Pack DEAN
Mideast carrier since 1948 ELAL
Mini-compact two-seater SMARTCAR
More than just want NEED
Most volcanic rock BASALT
Obtain, as revenge EXACT
Paved the way for LEDUPTO
Pinball flub TILT
Place for a chemical peel SPA
Post-shower sprinkle TALC
Post-Thanksgiving sandwich filler COLDTURKEY
Pre-Christmas buy TREE
Predator of penguins ORCA
Ripken Jr. in Cooperstown CAL
Salted part of a margarita glass RIM
San Diego Sharks jersey color TEAL
Score that’s 15-Across TIE
Sings like Cab Calloway SCATS
Slow-cooker meals STEWS
Tidy sum of cash COOLMILLION
Tiny bit IOTA
Tire problem LEAK
Trappers’ traps SNARES
Tycoon on the Titanic ASTOR
Unfinished room, perhaps ATTIC
Use a pipe cleaner on REAM
Verdi opera that debuted in Cairo AIDA
Waste, as a fortune BLOW
Works of Horace ODES