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USA Today – Dec 14 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Blue Nude’ painter Matisse HENRI
‘Haven’t decided yet’ IMAY
‘Please hold’ phone feature CALLWAITING
‘That guy!’ HIM
‘Toy Story’ dinosaur REX
‘You said it, brother!’ AMEN
.jpg or .gif file IMAGE
Applied for candidacy FILED
Astrological feline LEO
Auditions, essentially TESTS
Automaker headquartered in Stuttgart PORSCHE
Bandmates’ clashers, at times EGOS
Bargain hunters’ finds DEALS
Bucket brigade’s target FIRE
Calmed down COOLEDIT
Canary’s confines CAGE
Cities with stevedores PORTS
Coltrane’s instrument, for short TENORSAX
Common safari setting GAMERESERVE
Cooking show fixture STOVE
Create with a silk-screen PRINT
Crouton shape CUBE
Desktop folder, e.g ICON
Distance between bridge supports SPAN
Downsizing losses JOBS
Dunham of ‘Girls’ LENA
Early stop for presidential hopefuls IOWA
Easter hunt item EGG
Fixes illegally RIGS
Former steadies EXES
G-rated expletive DANG
Gem in a Beijing Olympics medal JADE
Hailstone composition ICE
Hall-of-Fame manager Weaver EARL
Helper in the House AIDE
Home with combs HIVE
Ivanka, to Tiffany SISTER
Jazz jargon JIVE
Kyle’s ‘South Park’ brother IKE
LaBeouf of ‘Transformers’ movies SHIA
Like crayons and candles WAXEN
Long, arduous searches QUESTS
Luxury SUV since 1970 RANGEROVER
Marvel Comics mutants XMEN
Massachusetts city with Halloween tourism SALEM
Medical researcher’s discovery CURE
Nearly every MOST
Obi-Wan player McGregor EWAN
Officiate at a bake-off, say TASTE
Pained or peeved SORE
Partridge families COVEYS
Pieces from pundits ESSAYS
Place for a monocle EYE
Place for yard tools SHED
Praise to the heavens EXALT
Quality of hot sauce ZEST
Range orphan DOGIE
Relay racer’s path LANE
Rock station staffers DEEJAYS
Run smoothly, as an engine PURR
Sarcastic two-finger gesture AIRQUOTE
Sized up for a heist CASED
Snake Dance tribe HOPI
Some six-legged queens ANTS
Strike from a list OMIT
Stubble remover’s application SHAVECREAM
Stuck around REMAINED
Tadpole’s breathing organ GILL
Territory governed by Hamas GAZA
Toad’s skin feature WART
Tuna fisher’s net SEINE
Twist in O. Henry stories IRONY
Ventriloquist Bergen EDGAR
Wally of cookiedom AMOS
Witches’ assembly COVEN
With a fresh start ANEW
WWW surfer’s stop URL
___ torch (luau light) TIKI