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USA Today – Dec 15 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Buenos Aires’ musical EVITA
‘Good ___’ (1966 Young Rascals hit) LOVIN
‘People’ composer Jule STYNE
‘Rock the cradle’ toy YOYO
‘That’s clear’ ISEE
‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ devotees, e.g CULT
Act in an absentminded way STARGAZE
Alliance joined by Montenegro in 2017 NATO
Altoids container TIN
Any 64-Across member, to another ALLY
Apply hastily, with ‘on’ SLAP
Apportion, with ‘out’ METE
Artful dodge PLOY
Beatty of ‘Deliverance’ NED
Bishop’s address YOUREXCELLENCY
Boeuf bourguignon, e.g STEW
Boggs in Cooperstown WADE
Bump off SLAY
Channel with highlight reels ESPN
Cheeseheads’ state (Abbr.) WIS
Contribute, as to a fund PAYIN
Creative problem-solving, stereotypically YANKEEINGENUITY
Criticizes harshly SLAMS
Desert boot material SUEDE
Digestion-related PEPTIC
Dr. ___ (Austin Powers foe) EVIL
Early decaf brand SANKA
Exams using Snellen charts EYETESTS
Exercises done on mats YOGA
Far from ruddy PALE
Form a scab CLOT
Formation similar to a butte MESA
Gate receipts TAKE
Go hither and yon ROVE
Had a yen PINED
Hardly long-winded TERSE
Having no slack TAUT
Home of college football’s Bulldogs YALEUNIVERSITY
Hunger for COVET
In itself PERSE
Jimmy of the Daily Planet OLSEN
Joan who sang at Woodstock BAEZ
Journey segments LEGS
Kennedy Library architect PEI
Leather-lunged singer BELTER
Light salad dressing phrase NOOIL
Like a highway overlook SCENIC
Like a new recruit RAW
Like Death Valley’s climate ARID
Like Lindy’s 1927 flight SOLO
Long in the tooth AGED
Lose zip WANE
Maple tree yield SAP
Mardi Gras city, familiarly NOLA
Marvel Comics superheroes XMEN
Occupy the throne RULE
Of value UTILE
Owning a 4.0 GPA, say SMART
Parsley serving SPRIG
Part of a kitchen range OVEN
Plantation in a Mitchell novel TARA
Pumice, in fluid form LAVA
Quitter’s contraction CANT
React to a tongue depressor, perhaps GAG
Record over, perhaps ERASE
Rode the bench SAT
Scratch the surface of MAR
Six-legged drone BEE
Six-pack unit BOTTLE
Snidely Whiplash’s expression SNEER
Spy’s gathering, for short INTEL
Tailor’s measurement WAIST
Tel ___, Israel AVIV
Tibetan bovines YAKS
Typeface similar to Helvetica ARIAL
Unfair and unbalanced reporting BIAS
Wild guess STAB