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USA Today – Dec 24 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Ballet Rehearsal’ painter Edgar DEGAS
‘Chopped’ utensil PAN
‘Copperhead Road’ singer Steve EARLE
‘Cross my heart!’ NOLIE
‘Gotcha!’ AHA
‘Jude the Obscure’ novelist THOMASHARDY
‘Orange’ tea that’s really black PEKOE
‘Pygmalion’ playwright SHAW
‘Sounds good’ OKAY
Add lace to, say ADORN
Add zip to ENLIVEN
Alan of ‘The Longest Ride’ ALDA
American hero with a famous regret NATHANHALE
Ammunition maker ARSENAL
Bother persistently NAGAT
Bull’s-eye piercer DART
Cabalists’ scheme COUP
Cancel out NEGATE
Chain offering Belgian waffles IHOP
Chef’s measure TEASPOON
Clod buster HOE
Diary item ENTRY
Draws the short straw LOSES
Eel in a punned Dean Martin song title MORAY
Features of some antique bathtubs FEET
Flag flapper GUST
Flyer drawn to flames MOTH
Fred, to Ebenezer Scrooge NEPHEW
Give away, as a secret LETON
Goat’s antithesis, in sports HERO
Got shorter SHRANK
Gothic novel pioneer Radcliffe ANN
Hothead’s emotion IRE
In search of AFTER
Jackrabbit, actually HARE
Kent State’s state OHIO
Lasting emotional mark SCAR
Like a nursery rhyme cupboard BARE
Like much of Arizona’s climate ARID
Like the Grinch MEAN
Listen to Mom and Dad OBEY
Literary governess Jane EYRE
Long ‘o,’ e.g VOWELSOUND
Medical drama locales, for short ERS
Message from a sitcom sponsor TVAD
Minute Rice direction STIR
Mobile app that keeps you mobile UBER
Nutrition label measure GRAM
Org. opposed to fur farming PETA
Packers quarterback Rodgers AARON
Parts of a fight card BOUTS
Parts of clown costumes REDNOSES
Pay, with ‘up’ PONY
Place for lattes and free Wi-Fi CAFE
Place to hang a hat, perhaps DOORKNOB
Polytheist, to early Christians PAGAN
Pop group named for its members’ initials ABBA
Prim and proper PRISSY
Range above tenor ALTO
Rarity in a 58-Across climate RAIN
Reaction caused by a tickly throat COUGHINGFIT
Reason to cram TEST
Reason to use Febreze ODOR
Right around the corner NEAR
Sci-fi movie extras ETS
Showed respect, in a way STOOD
Sierra Nevada resort, for short TAHOE
St. Patrick’s section NAVE
Structure with water turbines DAM
Stuff to excess SATE
The devil’s preferred fashion label? PRADA
Time for a work break, perhaps NOON
Totally lose it SNAP
Trim, as expenses PARE
Vessel in an angiogram AORTA
Voicemail prompt TONE
Weather map extremes LOWS