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USA Today – Dec 3 2018

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Clues Answers
‘BlacKkKlansman’ director Spike LEE
‘Kinda’ suffix ISH
‘Oh, crud!’ DANG
‘Shine,’ in brand names GLO
‘The Power of Dreams’ automaker HONDA
‘The Spirit of ’76’ instrument FIFE
Ahi, at sushi bars TUNA
Apex predator of Africa LION
Big Apple tennis stadium ASHE
Big spender in Vegas HIGHROLLER
Brainstormer’s spark IDEA
Brownies and Instamatics KODAKS
Chamber music reed OBOE
Chandelier insert BULB
Cocktail mixers BARKEEPS
Covering a wide 15-Across VAST
Declares without shame AVOWS
Doughnut, to a dieter NONO
Drainage pit SUMP
Edgar who painted dancers DEGAS
Father of Thor ODIN
Feel remorse over RUE
For whom the REO was named OLDS
Garb for Caesar TOGA
Give birth on a farm CALVE
Grand Lodge members ELKS
Heavens above SKIES
Help for the 63-Across ALMS
Humble reply to ‘Nice work!’ ITRY
Impart, as flavor LEND
Landscaper’s bagful SEED
Left the sack AROSE
Like Audubon’s art subjects AVIAN
Like some cream and pickles SOUR
Lot measure AREA
Maneuver around EVADE
Mental acuity WITS
More remote OUTER
Observe secretly SPYON
Online retailer DOTCOM
Paneled access to a closet FOLDINGDOOR
Part of a royal flush ACE
Pearl Harbor’s island OAHU
Pool competition SWIMMEET
Poverty-stricken NEEDY
Removes from a leash LOOSES
Reverent verse ODE
Rice University city HOUSTON
Sausage’s two ENDS
Severs, with ‘off’ LOPS
Share a border with ABUT
Shifter’s selection GEAR
Snapchat and Spotify, for two APPS
Some checkers moves JUMPS
Stiffly formal PRIM
Stool pigeon FINK
Structures built at ‘raisings’ BARNS
Student of Yoda JEDI
Suburbanite’s John Deere LAWNTRACTOR
Tedious task DRAG
Throws in the towel QUITS
Thurman who played Emma Peel UMA
Townshend of The Who PETE
Tramp’s spaghetti sharer LADY
Trident-shaped Greek letter PSI
Trix and Kix CEREALS
Typical Girls’ Life reader TEEN
Uncooperative, like a mule BALKY
Venice thoroughfares CANALS
Vigorous efforts ENERGIES
Vinyl collectors’ annoyances SKIPS
Was philanthropic GAVE
What a convertible sofa may convert to QUEENBED
Wild West ‘necktie’ NOOSE
Worry-free state EASYSTREET
WWW sites URLS
Yodel comeback ECHO
___ disc (retina part) OPTIC