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USA Today – Dec 31 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Arf!’ equivalent WOOF
‘Enchanted’ girl of kid-lit ELLA
‘Goon Squad’ game maker ATARI
‘Gotcha!’ to a beatnik IDIG
‘Great job!’ at a corrida OLE
‘Hedda Gabler’ playwright Henrik IBSEN
58-Across for a feller AXE
Action movie weapon UZI
Apple offerings since 2007 IPHONES
Assist in the weight room SPOT
Big fuss TODO
Bills depicting Jefferson TWOS
Bills depicting the Great Seal ONES
Bit of jocularity JEST
Bit of kindling TWIG
Blu-ray player insert DISC
Bone near the radius ULNA
Bridal shop buy VEIL
Calf-concealing skirts MAXIS
Call or write back RESPOND
Carton sealer TAPE
Casting director’s assignment ROLE
Conductor Sir Georg SOLTI
Dazzling success COUP
Don’t use autopilot STEER
Exactly right JUSTSO
Feather in a cap PLUME
Felt sorry for RUED
For face value ATPAR
Foursome in 16-Across’ logo RINGS
Funny pages segment STRIP
Gas in a stratospheric layer OZONE
George who created Darth Vader LUCAS
Get mileage from USE
Group in a turf war GANG
Hammer for John Henry SLEDGE
Homer, to Abe Simpson SON
Homes in many fairy tales COTTAGES
In days gone by AGO
Lack consistency VARY
Liable to foul up INEPT
Lies quietly REPOSES
Maker of e-tron electric cars AUDI
Mid-December to early January, in college football BOWLSEASON
Miss a stage cue, say ERR
Neighbors of golf greens TRAPS
New Look designer Christian DIOR
Nike, to Colin Kaepernick SPONSOR
Peanut, in Dixie GOOBER
Perfect for the task APT
Personal statistics that never decrease AGES
Philbin who hosted ‘Millionaire’ REGIS
Phisher’s scheme SCAM
Portrayer of Schindler and Kinsey NEESON
Preposition heard in sermons UNTO
Responders with defib units EMS
Ride a boogie board SURF
Ruffled state SNIT
Sanctuaries for guys MANCAVES
Sandusky’s lake ERIE
Sarandon of ‘Dead Man Walking’ SUSAN
Scrabble selection TILE
Seismograph display WAVEPATTERN
Shed or shop item TOOL
Sinatra’s blue pair EYES
Small setback SLIP
Social Register folks ELITE
Spotted equine PAINTHORSE
Star’s nonspeaking 49-Down, perhaps CAMEO
Strikes text from, perhaps EDITS
Swim team event MEET
Totally lose it GOAPE
Vampire’s nourishment BLOOD
Vichy France, to Nazi Germany Puppetstate
West Point attendee CADET
Wine tasters’ tastes SIPS
Word after garbage or data DUMP
___ of habeas corpus WRIT