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USA Today – February 10 2019 Sunday

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Clues Answers
‘American Sniper’ setting IRAQ
‘Hamilton’ star ___-Manuel Miranda LIN
‘NFL Live’ channel ESPN
‘Pipe down!’ QUIET
‘The Duke’ of Westerns WAYNE
‘Told ya!’ SEE
‘Untouchable’ feds TMEN
‘Winning ___ everything’ ISNT
A Trump son ERIC
Area meas SQIN
Balm additive ALOE
Beehive State tribesmen UTES
Big to-do HOOHA
Blue Stater, for short DEM
British Prime Minister May THERESA
Campus gathering spot QUAD
Carrot or beet ROOT
Celestial bear URSA
Cornell of Cornell University EZRA
Cyrano’s protuberance NOSE
Displayer of a marked-down price SALETAG
Division word INTO
Does better than TOPS
Dory propeller OAR
Dwarf planet beyond Pluto ERIS
Eggs, to biologists OVA
Far from encouraging BLEAK
Folklore beast OGRE
Gain through 32-Across EARN
Grafton’s ‘___ for Malice’ MIS
Honorees at some school dances PROMQUEENS
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Ice skating figures EIGHTS
Jim who sang ‘Time in a Bottle’ CROCE
Junkyard stock SCRAP
Letters on bitter 6-Down IPA
Like a sourball TART
Lists of jobs sent from PCs PRINTQUEUES
Luau keepsakes LEIS
Medication vial AMPULE
More, on a score PIU
Myanmar, as it’s also known BURMA
Need ibuprofen ACHE
NFC or AL division EAST
One serving as a dupe CATSPAW
Ox-drawn vehicle CART
Pancakes served with sour cream BLINI
Possible response to ‘You’re a stinker!’ AINTI
Potential customers’ requests PRICEQUOTES
Praiseworthy quality MERIT
Prison uprising RIOT
Prove helpful to AVAIL
Prozac maker ___ Lilly ELI
Pub pints ALES
Repulsive sort TOAD
Return, as a favor REPAY
Risking everything, at the poker table ALLIN
Save for later STORE
Saver of the day HERO
Scrabble 10-pointer ZEE
SEALs mil. branch USN
Shepherd’s pie veggies PEAS
Sign after Aries TAURUS
Simon’s partner in publishing SCHUSTER
Sings like Michael Buble CROONS
Sitar accompaniment TABLA
Sources of cranberries BOGS
Students’ surprises POPQUIZZES
The 78 in this diagram ANSWERS
The Auld Sod, in poetry ERIN
Tom Brady’s team, for short PATS
Tribal emblem TOTEM
Unforeseen glitch SNAG
Use sandpaper on ABRADE
What metronomes do KEEPTIME
When doubled, super-enthusiastic RAH
When spring training actually begins WINTER
Wolf’s look OGLE