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USA Today – February 14 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Acid’ at Woodstock LSD
‘Adios!’ BYE
‘Auth. unknown’ byline ANON
‘___ No Sunshine’ (Bill Withers hit) AINT
Acted the gourmand ATE
Adler of Sherlock Holmes stories IRENE
America’s pastime BASEBALL
Animated movie with Blue Meanies YELLOWSUBMARINE
Annapolis newbies PLEBES
Arabian Sea land OMAN
At the 27-Across of ATOP
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Baseball great Hodges GIL
Batter’s asset EYE
Bearded Serengeti beast GNU
Cantata highlight ARIA
Capri, for one ISLE
Chew the fat GAB
Clean air org EPA
College grads ALUMS
Confidence game GRIFT
Coral habitat REEF
Cubby hole? DEN
Cut some slack EASEOFF
Deejay’s smooth transition SEGUE
Devoid of duds BARE
Dinghy pair OARS
Docking place PIER
Domed lobbies ROTUNDAS
Double-check for typos, say REREAD
Dwight’s predecessor HARRY
Eliminates RIDS
Fin or sawbuck BILL
Flamenco cry OLE
Football Hall of Fame locale OHIO
Form 1040 org IRS
Gabor of ‘Green Acres’ EVA
General region AREA
Get into shape TONEUP
Ginger cookie SNAP
Glitch SNAG
Go bombastic RANT
Ground, as grain MILLED
Holes in your head SINUSES
Hot Springs facility SPA
Inlaid tile work MOSAIC
Is of value to AVAILS
Jazzy Fitzgerald ELLA
LaBeouf of ‘Transformers’ movies SHIA
Last check box, often OTHER
Many laptops PCS
Mesabi Range yield IRONORE
Michele of ‘Glee’ LEA
Period named for a music genre ERA
Pipsqueak TWERP
Prominent Edsel feature GRILLE
Sailor’s delight, proverbially REDSKIESATNIGHT
Schoolteacher Krabappel of ‘The Simpsons’ EDNA
Septet on a Hawthorne house GABLES
Sleeper’s woe APNEA
Soap opera or sitcom SERIES
Some British peers EARLS
Some dealership paperwork LEASES
Soprano’s men MOB
Still-life vessel URN
Teetotalers’ antitheses SOTS
Unfinished software releases BETAS
Valley’s opposite PEAK
VIP’s ride LIMO
Wacko KOOK
Walkman successor IPOD
Web-crawling software BOT
Wimbledon surface GRASS
Word on some diplomas MAGNA
Zinging remark BARB