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USA Today – February 23 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Chandelier’ singer SIA
‘Hamlet’ or ‘Julius Caesar’ TRAGEDY
‘Me first’ attitude EGO
‘My Best Friend’s Girl’ band THECARS
‘Platoon’ director Stone OLIVER
‘Reefer Madness’ subject POT
‘Star Trek II’ villain KHAN
‘The Osbournes’ mother SHARON
All but one ABBA member, by birth SWEDE
Angle bracket’s shape ELL
Be afflicted with HAVE
Be of one mind AGREE
Birchbark vessel CANOE
Bit of intimate attire BRA
Bombarded with catcalls JEERED
Bored with it all BLASE
Broken, as a bronco TAMED
Bucket material OAK
Car radiator attachment HOSE
Casual attire on Capitol Hill? SENATORIALT
City in Peyton Manning audibles OMAHA
Clamorous city of the Bible BABEL
Coward’s lack SPINE
Credit union offerings LOANS
Dench who played Elizabeth I JUDI
Distorts, as data SKEWS
Fell behind schedule RANLATE
First word of many toasts HERES
Fish in British pies EEL
Flexible Flyer, e.g SLED
French city, in song PAREE
Garb for Galba TOGA
Garlicky dressing AIOLI
Gavel sounds RAPS
Get ___ of (dump) RID
Give way under pressure SAG
Guardian Angel’s topper BERET
Hot video game system? STOLENATARI
Hunt illegally POACH
Iran detainee of 1979-81 HOSTAGE
Jerry’s cartoon nemesis TOM
Knight’s superior BARONET
Less likely to waver SURER
Letters on a wanted poster AKA
Like a chatterbox GABBY
Mafia’s code of silence OMERTA
Mattress support BEDSLAT
Musician’s asset EAR
Net judge’s call LET
Oktoberfest music POLKA
One in a ream SHEET
One profiled in People, for short CELEB
Patches, as a fairway SODS
Pedicure pro? TOENAILSTAR
Pickle serving SPEAR
Prefix with tourism or friendly ECO
Prior to, in verse ERE
Realty unit LOT
Reason to take Mylanta AGITA
Rejuvenation spot SPA
Ruth’s retired number THREE
Sceptre’s mate ORB
School closing cause SNOW
Seafood delicacy from the Lost Continent? ATLANTISROE
Shunner of new technology LUDDITE
Slow-cooker meal STEW
Slugging Judge AARON
Stein filler ALE
Suffix with jumbo or beta TRON
Takes to a pawn shop HOCKS
They’re broken at parties PINATAS
They’re strengthened by crunches ABS
Tupperware sounds BURPS
Under siege BESET
Used a tuffet SAT
Went public with AIRED
___ gunman theory LONE
___ Maria (coffee liqueur) TIA