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USA Today – February 28 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Fear of Flying’ author Jong ERICA
‘Gladiator’ or ‘Ben-Hur’ EPIC
‘Ta-da!’ VOILA
‘Wait ’til ___!’ (loser’s lament) NEXTYEAR
‘You’re something ___!’ ELSE
Anna’s sister in ‘Frozen’ ELSA
Arctic expedition vehicle SNOCAT
At fixed intervals PERIODIC
Bar mitzvah, e.g RITE
Basis for a ‘Jeopardy!’ question FACT
Batman and Robin, e.g DUO
Blacken on a grill CHAR
Blue-roofed eatery chain IHOP
Board game piece TOKEN
Board-breaking blow CHOP
Boomerang’s path ARC
Chips Ahoy! shelfmate OREO
Coach’s X’s-and-O’s lecture CHALKTALK
Colossal nerve GALL
Cookie holders JARS
Crushed underfoot, with ‘on’ TROD
Cunning sort SLYBOOTS
Dots on dice PIPS
Enjoyed 49-Across ATE
Fashion house in a Streep title PRADA
Fatty acid, e.g LIPID
Fey of ‘Megamind’ TINA
Fish and chips side SLAW
Fix misspellings in, say EDIT
Flight units STEPS
For years and years INAGES
Form a coalition UNITE
Formula One auto RACINGCAR
Gas in strobe lights XENON
Has permission to MAY
Highway passing zone LEFTLANE
Kitchen fixture SINK
Lendl with eight Grand Slam wins IVAN
Lions or Kiwanis SERVICECLUB
Lofty principles IDEALS
Lose hair SHED
MBA student’s course ECON
Mouth off RAVE
Not 3-Down SANE
Not fictitious REAL
Off one’s rocker LOCO
One lacking a Y chromosome GIRL
Papal decrees EDICTS
Penelope with a 2008 Oscar CRUZ
Pickup truck feature BED
Place for a trophy case DEN
Positioned, as a cornerstone LAID
Quick on the uptake APT
Rendered immobile, in a way HOGTIED
Report prejudicially SKEW
Restful time-outs NAPS
Risk a perjury rap LIE
Roomy bag TOTE
Santa’s list-checking frequency TWICE
Sauce served with falafel TAHINI
Scale start DOREMI
Schedule entries DATES
Score symbols NOTES
Sold a la Amazon ETAILED
Source of yard sale items, perhaps ATTIC
Spent, as a battery DEAD
Sportscaster Hershiser OREL
Stand up at the altar JILT
State bordering British Columbia IDAHO
State confidently AVOW
Sudden change of course ZIG
Sweets with messages CANDYHEARTS
Turn on one foot, in basketball PIVOT
Vice president before Pence BIDEN
Walks away with TAKES
Went like a leadfoot SPED
Word before cash or copy HARD