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USA Today – February 5 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Battle Cry’ author Leon URIS
‘Match Game’ host Baldwin ALEC
‘You betcha!’ YEP
‘Yuck!’ UGH
A pop EACH
Analyze grammatically PARSE
Bat’s time to sleep DAY
Billing abbr ACCT
Brad in the Grand Ole Opry PAISLEY
Brewpub offerings BEERS, ALES
Character with a lie-detector nose PINOCCHIO
Charo’s catchphrase CUCHICUCHI
Cheetah’s markings SPOTS
City north of Lauderdale BOCA
Class with a lab, often SCIENCE
Clickable image ICON
Color similar to aqua TEAL
Compete in super-G, say RACE
Credits as a source CITES
Dish similar to a ramekin CUSTARDCUP
Editor’s workplace DESK
Explosive sold by 37-Across TNT
Fashion capital of Italy MILAN
Feels like garbage AILS
Fez or kepi HAT
Flexible, like a yoga instructor LITHE
Garbage barge emanation ODOR
Get out of the sack RISE
Go separate ways PART
Hike the price of, at auction BIDUP
Hit the books STUDY
Home to much of Azerbaijan ASIA
It may be stranger than fiction TRUTH
Itching for a fight SCRAPPY
Jackass’ sound BRAY
Lady Godiva’s ride HORSE
Legendary shock jock Don IMUS
Lends support to AIDS
Like a kneeler’s knee BENT
Like gin-soaked raisins PLUMP
Links legend Snead SAMMY
Long-eared critters HARES
Luxury watch brand OMEGA
Lyft competitor UBER
Massage recipient’s word AAH
Meow Mix eater CAT
Muscles near delts PECS
Neighborhood salutation BRO
Oklahoma’s second-largest city TULSA
Opening stake ANTE
Place for a mani-pedi SPA
Popular diamond style CUSHIONCUT
Pose, in a way ASK
Post-CrossFit woe ACHE
Pretentiously cultured ARTSY
Rain gutter sites EAVES
Ready to serve DONE
Reason to 30-Across TEST
Responded to a bad call BOOED
Rubber ducky’s place BATH
Rudely awaken ROUST
Selects, with ‘for’ OPTS
Setting for many Winter Olympics ALPS
Shipwreck explorer DIVER
Sicilian seaport PALERMO
Sign on a store door OPEN
Smoothie fruit MANGO
Sound of a contented Siamese PURR
Stood out in the crowd SHONE
Teakettle emanation STEAM
Venomous snake (and what 16-Across and 10- and 26-Down have two of) COPPERHEAD
Waikiki welcome gift LEI
Web-footed carnivore OTTER
Welcome that’s ‘rolled out’ REDCARPET
Wile E. Coyote’s supplier ACME
Word after road or ‘roid RAGE
Wrigley Field player CUB