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USA Today – February 6 2019

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Clues Answers
‘I haven’t a clue!’ BEATSME
2-Down is a measure of it AREA
A nation’s people, taken collectively BODYPOLITIC
Act the worrywart STEW
Any of seven won by Betty White EMMY
Archery bow wood YEW
Athlete’s televised greeting HIMOM
Bicuspid neighbor MOLAR
Bring in from the fields REAP
Butlers, maids, et al SERVANTS
Chaney of horror LON
College course unit CREDITHOUR
Color similar to fawn BEIGE
Common food allergen NUTS
Cookie in some Klondike bars OREO
Cuban line dance CONGA
Dust bunny component LINT
Dwindles, as support EBBS
Each, informally APOP
Extremist sect CULT
Flat-topped hill BUTTE
Folksy story TALE
Former press secretary Spicer SEAN
Give the heave-ho to BOOT
Hawke of ‘Boyhood’ ETHAN
How artichokes may be packed INOIL
Humdinger LULU
HVAC measure BTU
Just average SOSO
La Brea pit material TAR
Lab procedures in paternity suits DNATESTS
Leading the pack AHEAD
Ledger item ENTRY
Like a doily LACY
Like some inaccurate clocks FAST
Lissome for one’s age SPRY
Little fellow, to a Scot WEELAD
Many a Syrian ARAB
Many Rx writers MDS
Memorizer of lines ACTOR
Mollycoddles, with ‘on’ DOTES
Monica with nine Grand Slam wins SELES
Morn’s opposite EVE
Muffin grain OAT
Muscular quality TONE
Navy mascot GOAT
Pajama parts TOPS
Paper crane, e.g ORIGAMI
Part of a 60-Across ROOT
PC command under ‘File’ SAVE
Piedmont wine center ASTI
Poker prizes POTS
Poker variety STUD
Preppy jacket material TWEED
Rare occurrence for an insomniac SOUNDSLEEP
Ready-made lawn SOD
Rope on the range LASSO
Rotary phone feature DIAL
Rural dance locale BARN
Salutation starter DEAR
Sedan alternative COUPE
Set lofty goals ASPIRE
Shopper’s carryall TOTE
Slender-necked pear BOSC
Square-mile fraction ACRE
Stuff to shovel SNOW
Subject to a penalty fee, perhaps LATE
Sun Devils’ city TEMPE
Supped in style DINED
Swiss miss of kid-lit HEIDI
Sword material FORGEDSTEEL
Traitorous Arnold BENEDICT
Turn to slush MELT
Unlikely steakhouse patrons VEGANS
Unsigned band’s submission, once DEMOTAPE
Where telecommuters work ATHOME
Word before chill or chimes WIND
Zoomed along TORE