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USA Today – February 8 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Is there more?’ AND
‘Matilda’ author Dahl ROALD
‘Noah,’ e.g EPIC
‘The Social Network’ star JESSEEISENBERG
1969 classic by The Guess Who THESEEYES
Advantageous quality ASSET
Arthur with two Emmys BEA
As much as UPTO
Basilica areas APSES
Big name in audio systems BOSE
Bone with teeth JAW
Call the whole thing off ENDIT
Cartel including Qatar OPEC
Cause of sunburn EXPOSURE
Chamber group woodwind OBOE
Composer Chopin FREDERIC
Did a bellyflop, e.g DOVE
Disneyland wear MOUSEEARS
Do a mailroom chore SORT
Donned one’s uniform SUITEDUP
Dry Idea competitor ARRID
Duke or baron PEER
Enjoyed a Ferris wheel RODE
Eocene or Pliocene EPOCH
Far from fearful GUTSY
Fat in British puddings SUET
Get one’s mitts on GRAB
Ghostly looking PALE
Give a public address ORATE
Grammarian’s reply to ‘Who’s there?’ ITISI
Happen repeatedly RECUR
Home to many Mormons UTAH
Hoofed frolicker of myth SATYR
In separate locations APART
Lead out of danger SAVE
Local, to a collegian TOWNIE
Midshipman’s grid foe CADET
Minuscule amount IOTA
Mole, to suburbanites PEST
Morocco’s capital RABAT
Much binary code ONES
National language of Singapore MALAY
Not very much ABIT
One in a diaper commercial TOT
One who’s often pickled SOT
Other than what’s mentioned ELSE
Places for scout badges SASHES
Plankton, for a baleen whale DIET
Plot summary SYNOPSIS
Pressed into service USED
Put into words SAID
Putin’s martial art JUDO
Pyramid’s high point APEX
Rain delay rollout TARP
Ready to pick RIPE
Sailboat’s stabilizer KEEL
School near Windsor Castle ETON
Sentimental to a fault SAPPY
Shares a border with ABUTS
Snack attacks, e.g URGES
Social class into which one is born CASTE
Stage show segment ACT
Stand-up’s delivery JOKE
Storm drain cover GRATE
Subject of splicing GENE
Succumb to a snack attack EAT
Trident-shaped Greek letter PSI
Turn on the waterworks WEEP
Understands, as a 1-Across GETS
United Nations Plaza array FLAGS
Vanquished, as a dragon SLAIN
Vertical part of a stair RISER
Wingtip-to-wingtip distance SPAN
Witherspoon of ‘Big Little Lies’ REESE
Word before berth or receiver WIDE