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USA Today – January 15 2019 Tuesday

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Clues Answers
‘Are we ___ yet?’ THERE
‘Bossypants’ memoirist Fey TINA
‘Not to worry’ ITSOK
‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ serpents ASPS
‘Shop ___ you drop’ TIL
12-in. albums LPS
3-Down with crowdsourced reviews YELP
Achievement for a duffer PAR
Adams who photographed Yosemite ANSEL
Aerial stunt LOOP
Appetite whetter, perhaps AROMA
Auto job using small counterweights TIREBALANCE
Backpack feature STRAP
Bread with hummus PITA
Brother in the first family ABEL
Brought the curtain down on ENDED
Carded at a club, briefly IDED
Catch, so to speak SEE
Contentious issue of the Iraq War TROOPWITHDRAWAL
Cookie with a Mini version OREO
Cork’s land, in poetry ERIN
Do a credit union’s job LEND
Dredge’s target SILTDEPOSIT
Dust Bowl refugee OKIE
Elite invitees ALIST
Exchange goodbyes PART
Fare behind a sneezeguard SALAD
Felt compassion for PITIED
Furtive ‘Hey!’ PSST
Gel-yielding plant ALOE
Gender-neutral pronoun ONE
Go for a rebound LEAP
Harmless prank LARK
Hauled to the station house RANIN
Homer-hitting ability POWER
Internet troublemaker TROLL
It’s hidden while undercover WIRE
Join the game, in a way ANTE
Libertine’s look LEER
Luckless sort LOSER
Make fixes to AMEND
Maker of a wood-pulp nest WASP
Memorizer of lines ACTOR
Model T starter CRANK
Motorcycle protector TARP
Mottled equine PINTO
Nautilus shell shape SPIRAL
Not in the dark AWARE
Nudged with an elbow POKED
One of two on a magnet POLE
Petty quarrel SPAT
Place to browse or buy STORE
Rate measured by a Fitbit PACE
Reclue, as a crossword EDIT
Reference named for a Titan ATLAS
Reserved, as a room BOOKED
Rich goodie from Linz TORTE
Right Guard competitor BAN
Risked getting pulled over SPED
Rockwell’s riveter ROSIE
Servers on wheels TEACARTS
Shout from a crow’s-nest LANDAHOY
Station posting, for short SKED
Stereotypical stew eater HOBO
Tailors’ folds DARTS
Totally confused ADDLED
Toy gun sounds POPS
Twiddled one’s thumbs IDLED
Unc, to Dad SIB
Uno card SKIP
Was decked out in WORE
Webmaster’s creation SITE
What some amateurs become PROS
Words not heard from an 18-Across IWIN