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USA Today – January 17 2019 Thursday

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Clues Answers
‘Done!’ THERE
‘My Way’ lyricist Paul ANKA
‘___, Virginia . . .’ YES
28-Across’ neighbor TACKLE
A bundle of nerves EDGY
Abu Dhabi dignitary EMIR
Aegean or Ross SEA
Army brass? BUGLE
Battalion or brigade UNIT
Bird feeder treat SUET
Bombastic blogs RANTS
Brewpub offerings ALES
Burgundy or Bordeaux WINE
Cause to roll in the aisles SLAY
Chorister’s attire ROBE
Cloverleaf feature EXIT
Crunchy bowlful GRANOLA
Cut, as expenses PARE
Deuce topper TREY
Did a face-plant, say FELL
Does zigzags, perhaps SEWS
Doesn’t waste USES
Email folder heading SENT
Engages in nuclear fission SPLITSTHEATOM
Fair-to-middling SOSO
Fateful day in old Rome IDES
Feudal drudges SERFS
Fisherman with a net SEINER
Flock female EWE
Free-for-all TUSSLE
Gave false hope to MISLED
Glom onto GRAB
Green Gables girl ANNE
Guitar accessory STRAP
Home to a parasite HOST
Home to all but one MLB team USA
Indent key TAB
Its bark is silent TREE
Japanese dog or city AKITA
Jared of ‘Alexander’ LETO
Kennel sound YAP
Kerouac’s ‘Big ___’ SUR
LAX approximations ETAS
Like some shower walls TILED
Make by hand CRAFT
Makes a run for it FLEES
More Solomonic WISER
Most Jordanians ARABS
Mountain climber’s tool ICEAX
Musk of SpaceX ELON
Nabisco’s answer to the Hydrox OREO
Name in network servers IBM
Offensive or defensive gridder END
Ogden Nash’s priest LAMA
Parasitic sort LEECH
Piling up AMASSING
Place for a chemical peel SPA
Place on a pedestal EXALT
Poison oak consequence RASH
Prefix with air or field MID
Prohibition-era weapon TOMMYGUN
Raga instrument SITAR
Redding who originally recorded ‘Respect’ OTIS
Rolaids competitor TUMS
Russian news agency TASS
Sault ___ Marie, Mich STE
Seek forgiveness ATONE
Showing no emotion STOIC
Sigh with relief, say EXHALE
Some parlor pieces SETTEES
Still sealed UNOPEN
Townshend of the Who PETE
Truth, to the Bard SOOTH
Watson of ‘Harry Potter’ movies EMMA
x and y, on a graph AXES
___ point (kind of embroidery) PETIT