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USA Today – January 23 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Didn’t need to know that,’ briefly TMI
‘FBI’ network CBS
‘Fly Away’ singer Kravitz LENNY
‘Now I get it!’ AHA
‘Oh, fudge!’ DARN
‘Raging Bull’ subject Jake LAMOTTA
‘The Good Earth’ heroine OLAN
‘Turn on the A/C!’ IMHOT
2007 Ellen Page title role JUNO
Act the mother hen FUSS
Annoying, like gnats PESKY
Appointer of Kagan and Sotomayor OBAMA
Archaic 34-Down FIE
Bit of fish tank gunk ALGA
City-related URBAN
Concertgoers’ souvenirs STUBS
Conical dwelling TEPEE
Cowardly beast of moviedom LION
Creole veggie OKRA
Dealers’ deals SALES
Dict. entry DEF
Did embroidery SEWED
Expiration-date phrase USEBY
Factory-reject cloth? SECONDSFLAX
Female cabinet member’s title MADAM
Fill with passion ENAMOR
Fish taco garnish AIOLI
Garb for Kagan and Sotomayor ROBES
Gaucho’s cattle-catcher BOLA
Globe’s turning point AXIS
Go bad ROT
Goes all out STRIVES
Gridder Roethlisberger BEN
Haight-___ (classic hippie hangout) ASHBURY
Highest possible MAXIMAL
Hirsute twin in Genesis ESAU
Horn on antique cars KLAXON
Indiana Jones’ hat FEDORA
Is crazy about LOVES
It sells, it’s said SEX
Jetsam’s partner FLOTSAM
Justice Kagan ELENA
Like Pixar movies ANIMATED
Lounge in the tub SOAK
Mark up with symbols NOTATE
Memory card unit, for short MEG
Mile High City coquette? DENVERMINX
Moves, in Realtor lingo RELOS
News agency initials since 1958 UPI
Not as stale NEWER
One-way ___ (interrogation room part) MIRROR
Party hearty REVEL
Place for a mani-pedi SPA
Pose for a portrait SIT
Predator of seals ORCA
Prepares for a big purchase SAVESUP
Prom queen’s topper TIARA
Reel’s companion ROD
Risky venture FLIER
Run alongside ABUT
Scheduled time SLOT
Shipped off SENT
Snack sandwich OREO
Soldier in a hill ANT
The Gaels of college sports IONA
Three of a ___ (good hand) KIND
Throat lozenge? COUGHINGFIX
Timely blessing BOON
Tiny drink NIP
Tot’s first cereal? STARTERKIX
Toyota Highlander, e.g SUV
Turn ashen PALE
Vegan’s protein source TEMPEH listings JOBS
___ out (apportions) METES
___ Park (Edison’s home) MENLO
___-serif (type style) SANS