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USA Today – January 24 2019

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Clues Answers
‘America the Beautiful’ pronoun THEE
‘Apocalypse Now’ setting, for short NAM
‘Now . . . where ___ I?’ WAS
‘Snowy’ bird EGRET
‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ author Harper LEE
Any of several won by ‘The Producers’ TONY
Archaeological dig sites RUINS
Bakery mix that’s sometimes eaten raw COOKIEDOUGH
Ballet leaps JETES
Be of service to AVAIL
Black belt’s art JUDO
Boggy areas FENS
Box with a partner SPAR
Break one’s back TOIL
Chagall who created the Jerusalem Windows MARC
Closely related AKIN
Collected splinters, so to speak SAT
Emmy or 31-Across AWARD
Expensively decorated GILT
Exterminator’s victim PEST
Fill beyond full SATE
Force under Stalin REDARMY
Fridge decoration MAGNET
Fritter away WASTE
Gill openings SLITS
Golf’s ‘Slammin’ Sammy’ SNEAD
Got detached CAMEOFF
Home run distance units FEET
India pale ___ ALE
Infantry weapon of old PIKE
Instrument prominent in Deep Purple’s music ORGAN
Jack who avoided fat SPRAT
Kid-lit brute OGRE
Letter-shaped fastener UBOLT
Letters before an alias AKA
Like a wrung-out towel DAMP
Like pea-soup fog DENSE
Like the moon’s surface CRATERED
Liver secretion BILE
Look like a lecher OGLE
Lord’s Prayer request DAILYBREAD
Make rhapsodic ELATE
MLB executive Joe TORRE
Moistens, as produce MISTS
Musial in Cooperstown STAN
Musk of SpaceX ELON
Name on collectible toy trucks HESS
Not at all agreeable AVERSE
Old, but new again RETRO
Olive of cartoons OYL
One of a rotated set TIRE
One-inch putt, say GIMME
Penn of ‘Milk’ SEAN
Picnic discards COBS
Pinocchio, famously LIAR
Place to dock or stroll PIER
Popular place to wed, in Scotland GRETNAGREEN
Port of North Africa ORAN
Rail at a ballet school BARRE
Refinery input ORE
Right-angle bend ELL
Risk or Stratego WARGAME
River of Leeds AIRE
Roberts of ABC News COKIE
Salon staffers STYLISTS
Site with Daily Deals EBAY
Solo for Te Kanawa ARIA
Source of 37-Across MINE
Street ___ (respect, slangily) CRED
Suffering from laryngitis, perhaps HOARSE
Supped in style DINED
The five of ‘Hamlet’ ACTS
Totally exhausted DRAINED
Trig or calc MATH
Turkey’s second-largest city ANKARA
Wounded at Pamplona GORED
Yemeni port ADEN