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USA Today – January 25 2019 Friday

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Clues Answers
‘From the top!’ AGAIN
‘Go on . . .’ AND
‘Silkwood’ screenwriter Ephron NORA
‘The Expendables’ series regular JETLI
21-Down amount TAD
About to deliver INLABOR
Almost imperceptible TINY
Antsy feeling UNEASE
Card game with an emoji version UNO
Cariou of ‘Blue Bloods’ LEN
Catwalk strutter MODEL
Chaplin of ‘Game of Thrones’ OONA
Checking out visually EYING
Chip’s chipmunk pal DALE
Clump of earth CLOD
Completes a flight LANDS
Condo component UNIT
Cosmic cause and effect KARMA
Crinkly cabbage KALE
Daniel who played Bond CRAIG
Deal involving interest LOAN
Demonic doings EVIL
Detergent product SUDS
Diamond-patterned footwear ARGYLES
Dragon slayer of legend SAINTGEORGE
Eagerly expectant AGOG
Fashion consultant’s concern IMAGE
Final stage, in chess ENDGAME
First Negro Leagues star in Cooperstown SATCHELPAIGE
Flattens in the ring, briefly KOS
Fruity jarful JAM
Geraint’s beloved ENID
Gives in to gravity SAGS
Go astray SIN
Go on a buying binge SPEND
Goody-goody sorts PRIGS
Hand-wringer’s feeling WOE
Hawker’s goal SALE
Hillside ride SLED
Ho-hum BANAL
Human-powered transport BIKE
Humility’s opposite EGO
Hunting garb hue SAFETYORANGE
It includes the opening scene ACTI
Lang of Smallville LANA
Laura of ‘Wild’ DERN
Like a solo act ONEMAN
Like Willie Nelson’s voice NASAL
LP defect WARP
Mafia enforcer GOON
Make mortified ABASH
Many a Netflix stream MOVIE
Minimum-to-maximum pay rate SALARYRANGE
MLB officials UMPS
Muhammad with 37 34-Across ALI
Needing tightening SLACK
Osprey’s gripper TALON
Paperless tax return option EFILE
Petty peeve NIT
Postal worker’s burden MAILBAG
Pot throw-in ANTE
Render useless RUIN
Risks a perjury rap LIES
Secret stockpile CACHE
Sharp change in course ZAG
Surfers’ selling site EBAY
Swindler’s scheme SCAM
Tabernacle instrument ORGAN
Text message status SENT
The elder Obama child MALIA
Thefts on diamonds BASES
Tire swing securer KNOT
TV news veteran Curry ANN
Unlike a beach bum PALE
Witchy woman HAG
Woman warrior of fiction AMAZON
Word after human or time BEING
Worked on one’s waistline DIETED