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USA Today – Jul 10 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Honest’ moniker ABE
‘I didn’t know that!’ GEE
‘The unmitigated ___!’ GALL
‘There!’ VOILA
‘To repeat . . .’ AGAIN
‘Yeah, right!’ IBET
‘___ turn is it?’ WHOSE
40-day event in Genesis RAIN
Affix a brand to SEAR
Balance sheet figure BOTTOMLINE
Baristas’ offerings LATTES
BART part RAPID tidbit STAT
Boring Company founder Musk ELON
Brewery vessel VAT
Bricks measure TON
Calculus pioneer Leonhard EULER
Called from a stable NEIGHED
Chain with a cat-and-dog logo PETCO
Cheese similar to Parmesan ASIAGO
City on a namesake lake ERIE
Cray-cray LOCO
Cruz on Capitol Hill TED
DHL competitor UPS
Domino’s delivery PIE
Don’t allow to lapse RENEW
Dracula portrayer of 1931 LUGOSI
Easy to wipe clean ERASABLE
Echo’s virtual assistant ALEXA
Ed of ‘Elf’ ASNER
Excellent, slangily DEF
Fork-tailed seabird TERN
Fruit with a wrinkly rind UGLI
Gardener’s soil LOAM
Gimlet or screwdriver TOOL
Go hither and yon WANDER
Hirer’s inbox filler RESUMES
Island of Tuscany ELBA
It may be permitted on red Rightturn
Clues Answers
Jackrabbit, actually HARE
Kick in ADD
Kickoff prop TEE
Kid-___ (TV for children) VID
Kirk commanded one STARSHIP
Lunar valley RILL
Make an enemy of ALIENATE
Model builder’s need GLUE
Modern pentathlon blade EPEE
Necco candies WAFERS
NFL and MLB, with ‘the’ PROS
Note from the boss MEMO
One of two on a typical auto AXLE
Org chart level TIER
Out on a limb, perhaps TREED
Pizza leftovers, sometimes CRUSTS
Places for gloss LIPS
Pocket fuzz LINT
Rock music’s Cream was one TRIO
Rock that’s ‘fracked’ SHALE
Sch. near Harvard MIT
Site of Fenway Park’s Green Monster LEFTFIELD
Skate park stunt OLLIE
Sneaker pattern TREAD
Sound, as an argument VALID
Sport played with mallets POLO
Spring up ARISE
Stank to high heaven REEKED
Starring role TOPBILLING
Sty female SOW
The ’24’ in 36-24-36 WAIST
Tiny songbird WREN
Toothpaste type GEL
Touch up, as text EMEND
Trumpet or guitar effect WAWA
Vacation duration, often WEEK
Volunteer attorney’s service LEGALAID
Went hither and yon ROAMED
___-Magnon CRO