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USA Today – Jul 11 2018

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Clues Answers
‘I kid you not!’ NOLIE
‘Most certainly!’ INDEED
‘The Hustler’ stick BILLIARDCUE
About, in the antique business CIRCA
Acting colleague of Boris and Lon BELA
Advertiser’s catchphrase SLOGAN
Advil alternative ALEVE
Agile for one’s age SPRY
Almost on ‘E’ LOW
Alternative to ‘dude’ BRO
Apartment listing datum AREA
Awaiting an assignment IDLE
Blast the eardrums of DEAFEN
Brew that won’t give you a buzz DECAF
Canadian tribesman CREE
Choose not to use OMIT
Christmas carol swimmers SWANS
Citi Field’s borough QUEENS
Coordinate, as audio and video SYNC
Counselor’s workplace CAMP
Cover for a bad hair day HAT
Dental care brand ORALB
Drive forward IMPEL
Fiery discourse RANT
Forest forager DEER
Grant or Lee, as a collegian WESTPOINTER
Greyhound arrival points DEPOTS
Harsh sentence LIFE
Herb in salmon recipes DILL
Home on an estate MANOR
Ice cream parlor order MALT
Incite anger in RILE
Jellied or smoked fish EEL
Lawn tunneler MOLE
Left the recliner AROSE
Letter before Bravo ALFA
Like a lei FLORAL
Like a Rolex, vis-a-vis a Timex PRICIER
Mardi Gras necklace part BEAD
Clues Answers
Medicated shampoo additive COALTAR
Monsoon phenomenon RAIN
Move towards COMENEAR
Movie heroine FEMALELEAD
Not much at all ABIT
On deck NEXT
Pertaining to the eye covering CORNEAL
Place for slop STY
Plague, as with difficulties BESET
Prepare in a blender MIX
Rabbit chaser of literature ALICE
Radiator sound HISS
Regret bitterly RUE
Risk-free SAFE
River of Orleans LOIRE
Rockies ski resort ASPEN
Satanic doings EVIL
Shown the door AXED
Silver-tongued ELOQUENT
Some supplements to Soc. Sec IRAS
Sounds from parade horses CLOPS
Source of roe SHAD
Spitball, e.g WAD
Sprinkler attachments HOSES
Starbucks size TALL
Steakhouse entree SIRLOINTIP
Subway platform sign EXIT
Take a blue pencil to EDIT
Tango maneuvers DIPS
The Ivy League’s Bulldogs YALE
Underwater habitat, once SEALAB
Visiting Europe, say ABROAD
Vitamin and supplement chain GNC
West of ‘My Little Chickadee’ MAE
Woodwind with a mournful tone OBOE
Word before review or pressure PEER
Works of Sappho ODES
Worrier’s words IFEAR
___ dish (culture container) PETRI