USA Today – Jul 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Daaang!’ WOAH
‘How’s it goin’?’ SUP
‘I Believe in You ___ Me’ AND
‘I’ll tell you the rest when I get back’ MORELATER
‘I’m cold!’ BRR
‘Major yikes’ UHOH
‘Once ___ a Time’ (Chika EP) UPON
‘The African Gentleman’ musician Hassani RIC
‘___ Among the Stars’ (picture book about an astronaut) MAE
‘___ to My Father’s Boots’ (Cornelius Eady essay) ODE
Afro puff or high pony UPDO
Another term for a rising sign, in astrology ASCENDANT
Any second now SOON
Businesses that offer massages SPAS
Decide OPT
Deep conditioning treatments HAIRMASKS
Discovering unexpectedly STUMBLINGACROSS
Don’t have LACK
Drain problem CLOG
Elephant part that may be six feet long EAR
Extra virgin olive ___ OIL
Fixture beside a bathtub TOWELRACK
Foot parts TOES
Full, like this puzzle CHOCKABLOCK
Genre influenced by Sister Rosetta Tharpe ROCK
Geologic time periods EPOCHS
Gives individualized instruction TUTORS
Group of people working on TV scripts WRITERSROOM
However, for short THO
Hula dancer’s garlands LEI
Ignited again RELIT
International oil group OPEC
Less commonplace RARER
Life force CHI
Like nam dok anchan THAI
Look up to ADMIRE
Mae geri or kin geri, in karate KICK
Make it to ATTEND
Muscles worked by barbell shrugs, for short TRAPS
Officiate a lacrosse game REF
Opposites of ayes NAYS
Peach center PIT
Policy ___ (political expert) WONK
Prefix for ‘like’ or ‘guise’ DIS
Puzzle on a paper placemat MAZE
Recite from a book READ
School dance squad POMS
Scored 100% on ACED
Secure to a dock MOOR
Singer-songwriter Sawayama RINA
Sonic ___ (loud sound) BOOM
Steady look GAZE
Steamed bun BAO
Stock market worker TRADER
Super stylish CHIC
They’re similar to broths STOCKS
Weird and scary EERIE
Worker-led movement founded in Staten Island, for short ALU
Working for a better tomorrow BUILDINGAFUTURE
Worry ___ (Guatemalan figurine) DOLL
___ water (alkaline ingredient in kutsinta) LYE

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