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USA Today – Jul 13 2018

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Clues Answers
‘I concur’ SAMEHERE
‘Let me clarify . . .’ IMEANT
‘Missed by that much!’ ALMOST
Act the worrywart FRET
Alloy components METALS
Arterial blockage CLOT
At the crest of ATOP
Badlands feature MESA
Bank teller’s call NEXT
Basis for a civil suit TORT
Be passed along, as a bad habit RUBOFF
Beef or pork cut LOIN
Best-liked, informally FAVE
Blacken on a grill SEAR
Boxer with a ‘shuffle’ ALI
BrickHeadz toymaker LEGO
Car wash supplies RAGS
Caramel-topped dessert FLAN
Cause for a reboot, often FATALERROR
Clad in clogs, say SHOD
Coffee shop stack LIDS
Common item in religious art HALO
Contingency ___ PLAN
Dairy-aisle dozen EGGS
Didn’t stick around LEFT
Dimwitted sort IDIOT
Dimwitted sort BOZO
Disagreeable duty ONUS
Dish that requires breaking 62-Across OMELET
Do axels and lutzes SKATE
Dream Team letters USA
Fido’s tormentor FLEA
Go far and wide ROVE
Got hitched on the run ELOPED
Got to second base, in a way STOLE
He wrote of ‘the sweet Lenore’ POE
In any respect ATALL
Interrupter’s utterance AHEM
IPA part ALE
Clues Answers
Ironing mishap SINGE
Kid-vid viewer TOT
Lee of Marvel Comics STAN
Like movie candy boxes LARGE
Like some deals or recruits RAW
Lincoln Financial Field gridder EAGLE
Long, hard look GAZE
Lose firmness SAG
Lovers’ quarrel SPAT
Many college benefactors ALUMNI
Mayberry’s Andy Taylor et al SHERIFFS
McGraw of talk TV PHIL
McJob trainee, often TEEN
Message in a ‘storm’ TWEET
Milky stone OPAL
Model of perfection IDEAL
More than just suggest URGE
Nielsen of ‘Mr. Magoo’ LESLIE
Oral hygienist’s procedure DENTALEXAM
Part of a Frankenstein’s Monster costume BOLT
Pompeo of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ELLEN
Rare astronomical event TOTALECLIPSE
Shelters for Shetlands STABLES
Shipped off SENT
Shoppers’ aids LISTS
Signal from an empty stomach PANG
Smuggler-stopping org ATF
Solving puzzles involves this MENTALEFFORT
Sound from a steeple PEAL
State with six straight sides UTAH
Swats away, as flies SHOOS
Try for the extra point KICK
Unhealthful haze SMOG
Villain’s vanquisher HERO
Whimsical adventure LARK
Words after ‘step’ or ‘bet’ ONIT
Worker with a whisk CHEF
___ & Chandon Champagne MOET
___ Band (The Boss’ backup) ESTREET