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USA Today – Jul 14 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Electricity for All’ org TVA
‘Little Caesar’ gangster RICO
‘Phooey!’ DRAT
‘Yesterday!’ on a memo ASAP
‘Young Frankenstein’ flunky IGOR
‘___ Miz’ LES
41-Across’ milieu SHORE
51-Down Night rides LIMOS
A handful of SOME
After the buzzer LATE
Anti-art movement DADA
Apple Watch assistant SIRI
Appropriate rhyme for ‘Reno’ KENO
Attendance fig., perhaps EST
Blue and red, say BICOLOR
Capital south of Lillehammer OSLO
Chop into bits MINCE
Coin-in-a-fountain thought WISH
Cornstarch brand ARGO
Defeatist’s words ICANT
Deliver a stemwinder ORATE
Either ‘True Grit’ co-director COEN
Elephant gone amok ROGUE
English novelist du Maurier DAPHNE
Enjoyed a buffet ATE
Far from eager LOATH
Features of some bagels SEEDS
Feel fluish AIL
Frome of fiction ETHAN
Gull relative TERN
Having no talent in BADAT
Henry portrayed in ‘GoodFellas’ HILL
However, casually THO
Item in ‘Ripley’s’ ODDITY
Jacket or collar style ETON
Jazz trumpeter Miles DAVIS
Karl of the Bush 43 White House ROVE
Kashmir’s locale ASIA
Libation made from rice SAKE
Clues Answers
Like Abel vis-a-vis Cain YOUNGER
Like fallen snow on a windy day DRIFTY
Marathoner’s per-mile time PACE
Microsoft introduction of 1983 WORD
Monopoly deed figure RENT
Nail hole filler SPACKLE
Name after Babe or Baby RUTH
New Haven collegian, informally YALIE
North African capital RABAT
Not fooled by ONTO
Oil-rich sultanate OMAN
On the ___ (touring) ROAD
Party with costumed guests MASKEDBALL
Pindaric verses ODES
Playing card feature SUIT
Post-marathon feelings ACHES
Prefix with content or adroit MAL
Prepare, as a smoothie BLEND
Prized, mostly tin statuette OSCAR
Ravens’ cries CAWS
Ready to serve DONE
Real estate ad figure AREA
Really small, to a tot ITTY
Roast host EMCEE
Sensitive spot on the elbow FUNNYBONE
Separable cookie OREO
Separate-checks date DUTCHTREAT
Sister of Laertes, in ‘Hamlet’ OPHELIA
Sniper’s garb, briefly CAMO
Suspect’s ‘out’ ALIBI
Swamp beast, for short CROC
Territory divided into two states DAKOTA
The Bard’s river AVON
Tom, in ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons CAT
Top-drawer ELITE
Tracked down LOCATED
Weed-B-Gon company ORTHO
Where you live ABODE