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USA Today – Jul 15 2018

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Clues Answers
‘If looks ___ kill . . .’ COULD
‘Mild-mannered reporter’ of TV KENT
‘On the Beach’ author Shute NEVIL
‘The gloves ___ off’ ARE
‘The History of Field Artillery,’ e.g.? CANNONTITLE
‘Tomorrow’ musical ANNIE
Acct. earnings INT
Agronomists’ samples SOILS
Barfly’s perch STOOL
Bay of Naples city SORRENTO
Beehive State native UTE
Blackens, as steak CHARS
Breathe like a dog PANT
Burden carrier BEAST
Burst of growth SPURT
Cage of ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ NICOLAS
Cakes partner, in a Maugham title ALE
Chanel of fashion COCO
Cigar with clipped ends CHEROOT
Cloak-and-dagger sorts SPIES
Coin depicting a predatory insect? ANTLIONCENT
Davis of ‘Jezebel’ BETTE
DoctorFinder org AMA
Dr. played by Tony Randall LAO
Flight board fig ETA
Gadgets with the letters NEWS VANES
Gallbladder fluid BILE
Guesstimate word ABOUT
Half a sawbuck FIN
Is part of the ‘in’ crowd BELONGS
Juice box attachment STRAW
Like the Bush 41 presidency? ANTECLINTON
Like the Jews, in Judaism CHOSEN
Looked like a lecher LEERED
Mazda two-seater MIATA
Mess up ERR
Messes up GOOFS
Movie director’s workplace SET
Not permitted on some Disney rides TOOSHORT
Ocelot or ounce CAT
Org. with buzzer-beaters NBA
Overlook, as a fault SEEPAST
Peeples of ‘Fame’ NIA
Pickup capacity unit TON
Pilsners and bocks BEERS
Place for a semi driver CAB
Place for coal or corn BIN
Place for Italian pastries at a street fair? CANNOLITENT
Point value of most Scrabble tiles ONE
Pure as the driven snow SINLESS
Reclusive Greta GARBO
Reports with a bias SLANTS
Rises sharply, as a price SOARS
Rods at cookouts SPITS
Rustic stopovers INNS
Salad bar utensil TONGS
Saved for later viewing ONTAPE
See 43-Down BELL
Sink problem CLOG
Skier’s conveyance TOW
Skiers’ leggings GAITERS
Slinky shapes COILS
Soda can feature TAB
Some radio talk show participants CALLERS
Steered clear of EVADED
Supreme Court arrival of 2006 ALITO
Take charge on the dance floor LEAD
Take up or let out ALTER
Takes on, as a task TACKLES
The first Mrs. Trump IVANA
Tibias’ locales SHINS
Uplifting lines ODES
Where John McCain was imprisoned HANOI
With 37-Down, fast-food giant TACO
___ flour (gluten-free option) OAT