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USA Today – Jul 16 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Being Julia’ star ANNETTEBENING
‘Dunkirk’ director Christopher NOLAN
‘Makes sense’ ISEE
‘Nasty’ Nastase ILIE
‘Sounds good’ FINEBYME
‘___ takers?’ ANY
20-ounce Starbucks size VENTI
2002 Emmy winner for ‘Friends’ JENNIFERANISTON
Auctioneer’s ‘Last chance . . .’ GOING
Bellhops’ rewards TIPS
Bill supporter PRO
Blood thinners prevent them CLOTS
Bookmarked addresses, briefly URLS
Brits’ baby buggies PRAMS
California senator since 1992 DIANNEFEINSTEIN
Cash in Chile PESO
Comics caveman Alley ___ OOP
Cracked a bit AJAR
Crescent moon’s pair CUSPS
Dance named for an African people WATUSI
Deer with a dewlap MOOSE
Digitizes, as a picture SCANS
Down with the 59-Down ILL
Dutch settler in Africa BOER
Econ. yardstick GNP
Encyclopedia’s range ATOZ
Epidemic of 1918 FLU
Face on a fifty GRANT
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Get, as a degree EARN
Goes head-to-head VIES
Gone from one’s plate EATEN
Homer’s order at Moe’s BEER
Hung in a hammock LAZED
Initials for some 20-Acrosses BOGO
Inventory-clearing event SALE
Irksome sort PAIN
Isle of Man’s waters IRISHSEA
Clues Answers
It may be called in poker BLUFF
Japanese flag symbol SUN
Like tales of ghost ships EERIE
Logging camp equipment AXES
Marshy area FEN
Milan-based fashion house PRADA
Minor mistake SLIP
Mr. Holland’s masterwork OPUS
Nest-building stinger WASP
NFL career touchdown pass leader PEYTONMANNING
NHL tiebreakers OTS
No longer an item APART
No-eraser-needed exam ORAL
Nonstick coating trademark TEFLON
Oklahoma’s ‘Wheat Capital’ ENID
One of Isaac’s twin sons ESAU
Parks of civil rights ROSA
Performs like Kendrick Lamar RAPS
Pipeline problem LEAK
Princess of sci-fi LEIA
Quick to learn APT
Realm in seven C.S. Lewis books NARNIA
Russian river or range URAL
Secluded valley GLEN
Serengeti grunters GNUS
Shell offering GAS
Shelter rescuee PET
Sparkling wine center ASTI
Stockyard enclosures PENS
Strokes of luck BREAKS
Sugar bowl invaders ANTS
Tanning salon fixtures BEDS
Tea of ‘Madam Secretary’ LEONI
Tennis judge’s call LET
Trucker’s toll unit AXLE
Visibility reducer HAZE
Word after fat or inner CITY
Wordsworth’s ‘To the Cuckoo,’ e.g ODE
Write a review of RATE