USA Today – Jul 17 2018

Clues Answers
‘At Wit’s End’ author Bombeck ERMA
‘Two Women’ producer Ponti CARLO
‘You’ve got mail’ co AOL
Advertising icon Elsie, e.g COW
Air show performer STUNTPILOT
Allotted, as punishment METEDOUT
Anna’s sister in ‘Frozen’ ELSA
Anti-drug spot, e.g. (Abbr.) PSA
Black out FAINT
Bowlers and boaters HATS
Brit of Fox News HUME
Cambodian strongman ___ Nol LON
Chopper-related prefix HELI
Colon parts DOTS
Compass doodles ARCS
Cosmonaut Gagarin YURI
Cow-horned goddess ISIS
Cress or endive SALADGREEN
Depart from a scene EXIT
Driving rain, e.g TORRENT
Drop by unannounced POPIN
Duke of Edinburgh PHILIP
Exchange goodbyes PART
Fed. workplace monitor OSHA
Garden walk PATH
Hack’s vehicle TAXI
Hallway runner RUG
High school srs.’ exams SATS
In a weak-kneed manner TIMIDLY
Isn’t in the game SITS
Kangaroo court impositions FINES
Knock-down-drag-outs FRACASES
Lake bordering Ohio ERIE
Leaves slack-jawed AWES
Letters of urgency ASAP
Clues Answers
Loses, as weight SHEDS
Medieval music form CHANT
Mob honcho DON
Monopoly board corner JAIL
Mushers’ contest IDITAROD
Net judge’s call LET
No ___ Traffic THRU
Org. with rovers NASA
Parking lot worker VALET
Pat Sajak or Steve Harvey EMCEE
PC accessory with a photo, perhaps MOUSEPAD
Portrayer of Adrian in ‘Rocky’ movies TALIA
Prefix meaning ‘egg’ OVO
Prime Cuts pet food brand ALPO
Profligate spender WASTREL
Proper’s partner PRIM
Raise the hackles of RILE
Rare entry on a golf scorecard ONE
San Joaquin Valley city MODESTO
Shia subdivision, e.g SECT
Shot from the apron, usually CHIP
Some poisonous shrubs SUMACS
Son and husband of Jocasta OEDIPUS
Spike, as punch LACE
State one’s view OPINE
Targets of midnight raids FRIDGES
Texter’s modest preface IMHO
Thomas who twitted Tweed NAST
Tourist shop buys TEES
Tributes in rhyme ODES
Unmetered writing PROSE
Upper body muscle, briefly PEC
Venetian blind piece SLAT
Waiting room call NEXT
Walked all over, with ‘on’ TROD
When coveted statuettes are awarded OSCARNIGHT
Where bulls and bears are found WALLSTREET
___ fail (fiasco) EPIC

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