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USA Today – Jul 18 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aladdin’ prince ALI
‘Hamilton’ creator ___-Manuel Miranda LIN
‘I’m begging you’ PLEASE
‘Just as I thought!’ OHO
‘Oh, brother!’ MAN
Abbr. for the unmentioned ETC
Accessory with an aloha shirt LEI
Airport shuttle, often VAN
Angler’s bucketful BAIT
Baptism and confirmation RITES
Barroom brawl souvenir SHINER
Best of the best ELITE
Cabernet sauvignon and merlot, for two DRYWINES
Cash on the Continent EUROS
Cauldron stirrer of literature HAG
Cheese in puff pastry BRIE
Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel, e.g MAYOR
Chophouse choice TBONE
Code of belief TENET
Comedic partner of Stan OLLIE
Company car document, often LEASE
Compose tweets, say WRITE
Courteous words CIVILREMARK
DeLorean, in ‘Back to the Future’ TIMEMACHINE
Display sleep apnea, in a way SNORE
Doesn’t lack HAS
Dream stage acronym REM
Dunham of ‘Girls’ LENA
Eggs in sushi rolls ROE
Far from plentiful SPARSE
Fit to stand trial SANE
Fly trapper WEB
Give a keynote ORATE
Give the slip to EVADE
Had a pie delivered, say ATEIN
Harbor craft TUG
Heckler in a dugout BENCHJOCKEY
Hidden stockpiles CACHES
Holds dear CARESFOR
Clues Answers
Homage in verse ODE
Hothead’s emotion IRE
Installs, as a new senator SEATS
It’s often merit-based RAISE
Jousters’ contest TILT
Liquor in some gimlets GIN
Many a microbrew ALE
Marsh gas, essentially METHANE
Month with the longest day JUNE
Moral code ETHOS
Morn’s opposite EVE
Nickname for TV host O’Brien COCO
Over-the-top Kentucky Derby wear HATS
PC key with an arrow ENTER
Pitcher’s number, in baseball shorthand ONE
Polly and Em of literature AUNTS
Prepare, as leftovers REHEAT
Prior to, poetically ERE
Private’s denial NOSIR
Promising forecast for a cookout FAIRWEATHER
Roy G. Biv hue VIOLET
Same old, same old routines RUTS
Shows curiosity ASKS
Smooth, like 007 SUAVE
Sound at a shearing BAA
Spill hot coffee on, say SCALD
Tell it like it isn’t LIE
Thanksgiving side dish YAMS
The Home Depot competitor LOWES
Tool with jaws VISE
Track transaction WAGER
Travel like Amelia Earhart AVIATE
Vandalized on Halloween, perhaps EGGED
Vessels in angiograms AORTAS
West Coast NBA player LALAKER
Whips up CREATES
Word before Sea or Square RED
Yo-Yo Ma’s instrument CELLO