USA Today – Jul 19 2018

Clues Answers
‘Hey, over here’ PSST
‘Much ___ About Nothing’ ADO
‘SNL’ comic Michael CHE
‘That’s disgusting!’ UGH
‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ director Martin SCORSESE
‘Well, obviously!’ NODUH
‘What ___ the odds?’ ARE
Alters, as a dress REHEMS
Anti-distracted-driving spot (Abbr.) PSA
Astronaut’s outerwear GSUIT
At the table SEATED
Back-of-the-book section INDEX
Be super-ambitious GOBIG
Biblical son of Seth ENOS
Blue-ribbon BEST
Child rearer, e.g NURTURER
Clip from a movie SCENE
Coffee add-in HALFANDHALF
Crude acronym OPEC
Defeatist’s phrase ICANT
Defib locales ERS
Delphic prophet ORACLE
Event plan, briefly SKED
Frank McCourt memoir TIS
Free pass, informally COMP
Get mileage from USE
Goosebumps-inducing SCARY
Have to have NEED
Hollywood up-and-comer STARLET
Increasingly MOREANDMORE
Items in a box set CDS
Johnny Reb’s land (Abbr.) CSA
Like a dive bar SEEDY
Like terrible puns CORNY
Loan shark USURER
Longoria of ‘Frontera’ EVA
Many a reunion attendee ALUMNUS
Meat-grading org USDA
Melon throwaway RIND
Clues Answers
Monopoly token since 1937 TOPHAT
Nautical pronoun HER
Neither’s partner NOR
No longer drinking SOBER
Of prime importance KEY
Officials with whistles, for short REFS
One in a church aisle USHER
One with a green thumb GARDENER
Painter ___ Moses GRANDMA
Pitch-black UNLIT
Popular takeout meal PIE
Portfolio part, briefly IRA
Pungent-tasting ACRID
Quiznos purchase SUB
Ready for business OPEN
Relaxing hotel amenity SPA
Reservoir creator DAM
Roberts of ‘Erin Brockovich’ JULIA
Sal’s canal ERIE
Sleazy sort CREEP
Store, as fodder ENSILE
Strands in a crime lab DNA
Superman archenemy Luthor LEX
Swiss Conventions city GENEVA
T. rexes, e.g DINOS
Take as one’s own ADOPT
Telegraphy pioneer MORSE
Test for purity ASSAY
Tired of it all JADED
Too close to call NECKANDNECK
Unspecified item SUCHANDSUCH
Vermin-catching cat RATTER
Wedding phrase IDO
Went on one’s way RANALONG
Writes in Java or C CODES
Your parents, informally THEOLDS
Zero, in soccer NIL
___ Lane (home to the Muffin Man) DRURY
___ Leppard (band with a one-armed drummer) DEF

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