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USA Today – Jul 2 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Duck!’ and ‘Timber!’ ALERTS
‘Game of Thrones,’ e.g DRAMA
‘La La Land’ star EMMASTONE
‘Poison’ plant, perhaps SUMAC
‘The Great Compromiser’ in U.S. history HENRYCLAY
2004 Jude Law remake ALFIE
Andrew’s dukedom YORK
Barnes & Noble section CAFE
Be a fink to RATON
Before the deadline EARLY
Blow the mind of AMAZE
Book lover’s portable device EREADER
Brain readout, briefly EEG
California wine area NAPA
Can’t help but HASTO
Carriage driver’s strap REIN
Cause to lose heart DAUNT
Cement buy SACK
Chopin’s novelist lover GEORGESAND
Cryptographer’s challenge CODE
Dances with long pauses TANGOS
Deposed Ugandan ruler AMIN
Dire destiny DOOM
Eruption output LAVA
Falco of ‘Horace and Pete’ EDIE
Freeloading sorts LEECHES
Grease the palm of BRIBE
Gridiron great Favre BRETT
Guinness of ‘Star Wars’ ALEC
Hauled to jail RANIN
Hotshot pilot AIRACE
Icy sidewalk mishap SLIP
In a way, informally SORTA
Key similar to Backspace DELETE
Like Fran Drescher’s voice NASAL
Like monastic life AUSTERE
Long-eared hopper HARE
Clues Answers
Marsh grasses REEDS
Model plane add-on DECAL
Mountaineer’s destination APEX
Namer of the animals, in Genesis ADAM
Off the mark AMISS
On any occasion EVER
On-call device PAGER
One way to read ALOUD
Paper to fill out FORM
Photojournalist’s buy LENS
Play/___ (remote button) PAUSE
Porky Pig signoff word ALL
Powder-puff powder TALCUM
Promise-to-pay note IOU
Public disturbance RIOT
Pudding fruits PLUMS
Pulitzer-winning critic Roger EBERT
Push through EXPEDITE
Ranting and raving IRATE
Rapper with the album ‘To the Extreme’ VANILLAICE
Reason to pinch one’s nose ODOR
Response to ‘Can this be?’ ITIS
Satisfied the munchies ATE
Self-assurance APLOMB
Show gutsiness DARE
Sparrow’s home NEST
Standing tall ERECT
Stockyard call MOO
Stubble remover RAZOR
Sufficiently skilled ABLE
Swim competition unit LAP
Symbol of sanctity HALO
Tabloid pic subject UFO
Tennis great Agassi ANDRE
Title for 60-Down SIR
Tylenol alternative ADVIL
Word after leading or cutting EDGE
___ noir (grape variety) PINOT