USA Today – Jul 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Get over it already!’ SUEME
‘I think . . .’ in a text IMO
‘Spill the beans,’ e.g IDIOM
‘Still awake?’ YOUUP
‘Will send details soon’ (Abbr.) TBD
‘Will you let us?’ CANWE
‘You can slow down, you know!’ ITSNOTARACE
*’Do you ___?!’ MIND
*’Hurry! We don’t have much ___!’ TIME
*’Queer Eye’ TV genre REALITY
*’The final frontier’ SPACE
*Heart and ___ SOUL
*Telekinesis or invisibility, e.g POWER
11-Down, in Spanish UNO
Able to be heard AUDIBLE
Act immorally SIN
Actress Perez ROSIE
Actress Ward SELA
Any of six items sought by Thanos, represented in the starred answers INFINITYSTONE
Assessments TESTS
Blender setting PUREE
Breathing organ LUNG
Bring together UNITE
Bronte’s Jane EYRE
Charged atoms IONS
Clown’s walking props STILTS
Colorado Natives UTES
Double-reeded instrument OBOE
Dutch flower TULIP
Enjoyed a food festival ATE
Fashion initials YSL
Feature of each of the X-Men MUTATION
Gay ___ (queer cowboy shows) RODEOS
Gender-neutral pronoun ONE
Get a sense for FEELOUT
Get ___ of (discard) RID
Grain in bibimbap RICE
Handheld Sony console PSP
Heartfelt EARNEST
Hecklers’ shouts BOOS
Internet fads MEMES
Interruptions in ‘WandaVision’ ADS
Ireland’s bestselling solo artist ENYA
Italian city that’s an anagram of ‘planes’ NAPLES
Itty-bitty SMALL
Make changes to ALTER
Music player STEREO
Nacion de Madrid ESPANA
Nickname for Jose PEPE
No fewer than ATLEAST
Open ___ night MIC
Opposite of full EMPTY
Org. that OKs vaccines FDA
Palindromic name NAN
Passage for tears DUCT
Person cooking haggis, perhaps SCOT
Person designing communities CITYPLANNER
Pick up the bill PAY
Pirates’ domain SEA
Place for garbage DUMP
Place to get stuck RUT
Places to buy leashes and litter PETSTORES
Planet often saved by superheroes EARTH
Programmer Lovelace ADA
Promise-to-pay note IOU
Rower’s tool OAR
Scratchy voice RASP
Six-point NFL plays TDS
State northeast of New Hampshire MAINE
Suggest POSIT
Tailless primate APE
To the ___ degree NTH
UFC sport MMA
Univ. in Greenwich Village NYU
Wanda Maximoff, to Billy and Tommy MOM
Woman, in German FRAU
X-rated material SMUT
___ dish (lab container) PETRI
___ pal GAL

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