USA Today – Jul 20 2018

Clues Answers
‘Honey’ singer Mariah CAREY
‘Masterpiece Mystery!’ host Cumming ALAN
‘See ya!’ TATA
‘That’s true, but . . .’ YET
14-Across feature TOE
2016 Olympics site, for short RIO
Adds zip to JAZZESUP
At the apex of ATOP
Be a roadblock to IMPEDE
Bee attendees QUILTERS
Bill-passing votes YEAS
Biological blueprint GENETICCODE
Built like the Hulk BURLY
Case of mistaken identity, e.g MIXUP
Cheese with a moldy rind BRIE
Colonial bugs ANTS
Cookie in pie crust OREO
Cooks in a skillet PANFRIES
Cop’s rounds BEAT
Deceptive doings FAKERY
Digit on a foam finger ONE
Disable with a 10-Across TASE
Earnhardt or Earnhardt Jr DALE
Eye creepily OGLE
Figure in square units AREA
Financial planner’s suggestion, in brief IRA
Fireplace sweepings ASHES
From square one ANEW
Gift wrapper’s roll TAPE
Grandpa’s wife NANA
Greenhouse glass PANE
Handle protruding from a sheath HILT
Hideous beast of folklore OGRE
In need of Icy Hot ACHY
Joint exposed by capri pants ANKLE
Kept mum about SATON
Like intimate lingerie SEXY
Like off-season business SLOW
Main point CRUX
Clues Answers
Make jubilant ELATE
Makes furious ANGERS
Male waltzer, traditionally LEAD
MIT Sloan degree MBA
More like an albino PALER
Mountain topper SNOWCAP
Need a doctor AIL
Oktoberfest orders ALES
Part of a SpaceX launch ROCKETSTAGE
Piano piece for four hands DUET
Pool player’s calculation ANGLE
Prada product SHOE
Prepare to fire on AIMAT
Preserve, as beef jerky CURE
Pretentiously showy ARTY
Print employing a stencil SILKSCREEN
Pulls a heist on ROBS
Result of poor focus BLUR
Serious shock JOLT
Shower gel additive ALOE
Snug and warm COZY
Spinning shaft AXLE
Squirts perfume on SPRITZES
Stockyard enclosure HOLDINGPEN
Stopping point END
Swimmers with curved necks SWANS
Synagogue section NAVE
Tablets with Pro and Mini versions IPADS
Telethon host’s plea GIVE
Territory bordering Siberia, in Risk URAL
Throws in the towel QUITS
Took an altar vow SAIDIDO
Viral video, e.g MEME
Whirlybird whirler ROTOR
White House dinner service CHINA
Word before bar or stool PIANO
Writers of haiku POETS
Yardbirds’ homes JAILS
Young civic group member JAYCEE

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