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USA Today – Jul 21 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Heart of Dixie’ (Abbr.) ALA
‘I’m with you!’ AMEN
‘The Stranger’ novelist Albert CAMUS
Aaron Judge dental feature GAP
All-star game side, maybe EAST
Alternative to pepper spray MACE
Any NFL player PRO
Auto club offering TOW
Bactrian camel’s pair HUMPS
Beers served on Cinco de Mayo CORONAS
Biblical sage SOLOMON
Bowie’s last stand ALAMO
Breaker of a Cobb MLB record ROSE
Casino bigwig PITMANAGER
Coin-in-a-fountain sound PLOP
Come to mind ARISE
Component of mortar CEMENT
Correspond grammatically AGREE
Crater Lake’s state OREGON
Crumbled, as support ERODED
Dean who played Superman CAIN
Defenseless target SITTINGDUCK
Direct-sales cosmetics giant AVON
Easy-___ PEASY
Elizabeth of cosmetics ARDEN
Emblem seen in the Vatican PAPALCROSS
Estimate phrase ORSO
Firefighters’ jumper catcher LIFENET
First lady after Hillary LAURA
Frontier judge Bean ROY
Galileo’s birthplace PISA
Golf or tennis coup ACE
Google Glass downloads APPS
How eremites live ALONE
Improved in a cask AGED
In itself PERSE
It broke up in 1991 (Abbr.) USSR
Kiln user CERAMIST
Lab technicians’ wear COATS
Clues Answers
Leave dreamland AWAKEN
Literary tea party attendee ALICE
Low-cost prefix ECONO
Make certain of ASSURE
Manage to avoid AVERT
Mars or Mercury GOD
Mercator creation MAP
Mileage, so to speak USE
Mob turncoat’s wear WIRE
Morsel for a 16-Across OAT
Neighbor of Abe on Mount Rushmore TEDDY
One of 12 on a cube EDGE
Part of ACA ACT
Place for fodder SILO
Place to store wood SHED
Ponzi schemes, e.g SCAMS
Proves otherwise REFUTES
Put in mothballs STORE
Rush-job letters ASAP
Salary max CAP
San Antonio hoopster SPUR
Scroll in an ark TORAH
Sign following 46-Across ARIES
Singing and dancing, for two TALENTS
Some database operations SORTS
Some sty denizens SOWS
Start to 30-Across STIR
Street vendor’s Gucci, most likely FAKE
Suitable for cacti ARID
Tackle’s neighbor END
Taproom order ALE
There’s one below Caps Lock SHIFTKEY
Thoroughbred’s father SIRE
Thurman of ‘Smash’ UMA
Twelfth sign of the zodiac PISCES
Twizzlers offering REDLICORICE
Was a snitch TOLD
Wide throw, e.g ERROR
___ Lanka SRI