USA Today – Jul 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Monsters, Inc.’ monster Wazowski MIKE
‘That’s a no from me’ NAH
‘The chances are ___ to none’ SLIM
‘The Science of Breakable Things’ author Keller TAE
‘Woah, cool!’ OOH
‘___ Spiegel’ (German magazine whose name means ‘The Mirror’) DER
4-Down’s state (Abbr.) ORE
Angel hair or ziti PASTA
Atlas contents MAPS
B-mitzvah text TORAH
Back muscle, for short LAT
Backcombed TEASED
Bay Area airport code SFO
Beyonce ___ Sasha Fierce AKA
California city in ‘Black Panther’ OAKLAND
Canadian actress Campbell NEVE
Cash dispensers ATMS
Compete like Laurie Stephens SKI
Compost container BIN
Daytime movie showing MATINEE
Degree held by Angela Bassett MFA
Dia de los Muertos altar OFRENDA
Double-dog dare, say EGGON
Ethnocultural identity rooted in the Americas LATINE
First-born ELDEST
Follower of ‘misty’ or ‘starry’ EYED
Frustrating thing to hear in a theater RINGTONE
Goan dish originally made with pork VINDALOO
Going to the store or picking up laundry, e.g ERRAND
Is jealous of ENVIES
Jjimjilbangs, e.g SPAS
Language in ‘A Quiet Place’ ASL
Large primate APE
Lost fish that Dory helps find NEMO
Makes a new blueprint for REDESIGNS
Mama’s hermana TIA
Many ‘Heartstopper’ characters, age-wise TEENS
Meager SCANT
Metal present in this clue TIN
Must-have NEED
Name that’s also ‘eight’ in Italian OTTO
Online auction site EBAY
Opposite of offense DEFENSE
Overcharge by a lot ROB
Part of a shark or sports car FIN
Peppers from the Yucatan Peninsula HABANEROS
Per item APIECE
Pesky flies GNATS
Plural ‘is’ ARE
Prefix with ‘normal’ or ‘social’ PARA
Proceed despite adversity FORGEAHEAD
Road with no out DEADEND
School org PTA
See eye to eye AGREE
Ska group Toots ___ the Maytals AND
Smoothed down SANDED
Some savings plans IRAS
Special FX technology CGI
State capital south of Portland SALEM
Stretchy candy TAFFY
The ___ Stone ROSETTA
Tight, like spandex FORMFITTING
Trail ride two-wheeler DIRTBIKE
Type of light switch ONOFF
Unspoken greeting NOD
Wasp’s home NEST
Yes vote AYE
Zodiac animals after rats OXEN
___ Kong HONG
___-Ball (arcade game) SKEE
___Tok TIK

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