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USA Today – Jul 22 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Peter Pan’ beast, for short CROC
‘Shepherd Moons’ New Ager ENYA
‘The Good Dinosaur’ dinosaur ARLO
2016 prize for Bob Dylan NOBEL
Batman and Robin e.g DUO
Bornean ape, briefly ORANG
Bottomless pit ABYSS
Boxcar capacity units TONS
Broadway bombs FLOPS
Business school subj ECON
Campus honchos DEANS
Carter of ‘Ain’t Misbehavin” NELL
Catherine the Great, notably EMPRESS
Chippendales show, e.g REVUE
Clearly delineated DEFINED
Closer’s stat ERA
Convention vote BALLOT
Cookie deep-fried at fairs OREO
Couldn’t stand LOATHED
Covered, like M&M’s COATED
Creative pursuits ARTS
Creators of artificial lakes DAMS
Delete key neighbor END
Drink like a fish TOPE
Dugong relative MANATEE
Feudal lord LIEGE
Fires off SENDS
Fit together, as matryoshka dolls NEST
Forty-niner’s strike LODE
Geometry calculation AREA
Gift-tag word FROM
H&R Block hiree CPA
Half the ‘Monday, Monday’ singing group MAMAS
Headey of ‘Game of Thrones’ LENA
Hoopster or gridder ATHLETE
House sporting Greek letters, for short FRAT
Ill-kept confidence OPENSECRET
In ___ (unborn) UTERO
Jack who shunned fat SPRAT
Clues Answers
Jersey or Guernsey ISLE
Jimmy of Led Zeppelin PAGE
Knocked the socks off AWED
Kudrow of ‘Web Therapy’ LISA
Laura of ‘Wild’ DERN
LDS part DAY
Like beer in many six-packs BOTTLED
Like X-rated jokes DIRTY
Loser to Clinton in 1996 DOLE
Lunch or brunch MEAL
Majority of an unequal split LARGERHALF
Make, as a putt SINK
Maker of WorkForce printers EPSON
Milieux for some buggies DUNES
Moon buggy, briefly LEM
Novelty musical act ONEMANBAND
Object of a scout’s search TALENT
Offer, as support LEND
Org. in ‘Homeland’ CIA
Oxidizes, in a way RUSTS
Paperless publications EBOOKS
Place for Easy-Off OVEN
Seance leader MEDIUM
Shoe brand named for a cat PUMA
Situation with no alternatives ONLYCHOICE
Special Forces cap BERET
Sport fencing implement EPEE
Sticking point, in an idiom CRAW
Succumb to gravity SAG
Sweeney played by Johnny Depp TODD
Teasdale of poetry SARA
Techie, stereotypically NERD
Thieves’ hangouts DENS
Title for Tussaud MADAME
Underworld organizations MOBS
Urban wall art, perhaps MURAL
Usher’s concern SEATING
Woad and henna DYES
Word before soap or sell SOFT