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USA Today – Jul 23 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Bringing up the rear . . .’ LASTLY
‘Get outta my sight!’ SCRAM
‘I fully agree,’ slangily TOTES
‘To clarify . . .’ IMEAN
‘___ 8’ (2018 heist comedy) OCEANS
Admit for free COMP
Adopt, as an alias ASSUME
Appetite-whetting stimulus AROMA
Apple on many a desk IMAC
Apply blacktop to PAVE
Arctic conveyance SLED
Bake-off fixture OVEN
Banded mineral AGATE
Barnyard layers HENS
Bills in liar’s poker ONES
Blender sounds WHIRS
Builder’s backing strip LATH
Cinnabar, to mercury ORE
City near Mauna Kea HILO
Clusters of bushes CLUMPS
Colorful parrot MACAW
Crimson Tide, informally BAMA
Desert Storm ally OMAN
Dial-up access need, once MODEM
Doorman’s invitation ENTER
Either of two on some knives EDGE
Every hurricane gets one NAME
Fish-and-chips fish COD
Fish-fowl connector NOR
Fleeced females EWES
Gaming console since 2001 XBOX
Give a donation to AID
Go toe-to-toe VIE
Got a glimpse of SAW
Harshest punishment allowable MAXIMUMSENTENCE
Impersonate effectively PASSFOR
In need of patching TORN
Invigorating drink TONIC
It’s mopped on muggy days BROW
Clues Answers
Language on all current U.S. coins LATIN
Largish combo NONET
Legendary Loch NESS
Like choral works SUNG
Lyrical Gershwin IRA
Malleable metal LEAD
Millennials’ parents, casually XERS
Motion opposer ANTI
No spring chicken OLD
Only state name beginning with two vowels IOWA
Opera with the King of Egypt AIDA
Our portliest president TAFT
Palmist’s prediction DESTINY
Part of an epic poem CANTO
Produces, as dividends EARNS
Profit-and-loss report INCOMESTATEMENT
Prom night woe ACNE
Rapidly, poetically APACE
Reason to see the dentist ACHE
Rob of ‘90210’ ESTES
Sasha, to Malia, informally SIS
Sends to the pokey JAILS
Serpent’s place, in Genesis EDEN
Sleep clinic topic APNEA
Snow cone makeup ICE
Strike a bodybuilder’s pose FLEX
Talk fresh to SASS
Tender of 66-Across or 7-Down FARMER
Texter’s ‘Holy cow!’ OMG
The Hulk’s emotion ANGER
The opposition THEM
Tight-fisted types PIKERS
Traveled like a slow-pitch softball ARCED
Tuning fork’s output TONE
Two octaves, for some vocalists RANGE
Water-loving mammal OTTER
Weasel out of EVADE
Word after traffic or printer JAM