USA Today – Jul 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘How pretty!’ OOH
‘I cannot confirm or ___’ DENY
‘Presto!’ TADA
‘The house’ in Spanish LACASA
‘Watch it!’ HEY
‘We ___ Family’ (Sister Sledge hit) ARE
‘Your popcorn is done microwaving!’ sound BEEP
‘___ After’ (‘Into the Woods’ song) EVER
Black-and-white swimmer ORCA
Bleating baby LAMB
Bread eaten with curry NAAN
Brewed drink TEA
Button that frees up computer storage EMPTYTRASH
Causes of overtimes TIES
Ceremonial act RITE
Chase after PURSUE
Colorful swimmer REDSNAPPER
Community center in a Village People song YMCA
Defrosts THAWS
Desperate appeal PLEA
E=mc^2, e.g FORMULA
Early heat, informally PRELIM
Entered CAMEIN
Enthusiasm GUSTO
Entrance hall FOYER
Extinct birds DODOS
Fan base that gets excited when ‘Dynamite’ comes on the radio BTSARMY
Fancy hairdo COIF
Felt hats FEDORAS
First two-digit number TEN
Follow the ___ LEADER
From bad to ___ WORSE
Frozen drink brand that sounds like its first two letters ICEE
Group of performers CAST
Hot ___ balloon AIR
Ingredient in bisque and biscuits HEAVYCREAM
It might be unfolded for a living room dinner TVTABLE
It’s kneaded in the kitchen DOUGH
Like ‘moose’ but not ‘goose’ PLURAL
Like long odds SLIM
Mix with a spoon STIR
Musical pauses RESTS
Nacion de Barcelona ESPANA
Neighbor of MEX and CAN USA
Notebook part PAGE
Ohio’s ‘Gem City’ DAYTON
One of 11 in Brandon Taylor’s book ‘Filthy Animals’ SHORTSTORY
Opposite of abundant SCARCE
Part of a rosary BEAD
Partner of cos and tan in math SIN
Person who’s admired IDOL
Phone charger letters USBC
Polluted air SMOG
Practiced boxing SPARRED
Quick, in music UPTEMPO
Radar image BLIP
Radio reporter’s device MIC
Self-importance EGO
Shopping basket CART
Short records EPS
Show such as ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo,’ e.g KDRAMA
Spanish for ‘water’ AGUA
Split ___ soup PEA
Spooky EERIE
Storage devices for some audiobooks CDS
String of wins or losses STREAK
Surrounding vibe AURA
They’re toppled by bowling balls PINS
Took a road trip, say DROVE
Two-part DUAL
Unit of resistance OHM
Vampire’s flying form BAT
Wedding words IDO
When to do pushups and bicep curls ARMDAY
Wooden strip SLAT

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