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USA Today – Jul 25 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Centipede’ game maker ATARI
‘Electric rifle’ TASER
‘Gotta go!’ CIAO
‘Is it soup ___?’ YET
‘Life of Pi’ feline TIGER
‘Losing My Religion’ band REM
‘Morning Joe’ network MSNBC
‘Pieces’ candy brand REESES
‘Your table’s ready’ gadget PAGER
Amorous skunk Pepe LEPEW
Babe Ruth’s first MLB team REDSOX
Banded cameo stone ONYX
Basil or rosemary HERB
Bit of wampum BEAD
Bowl over AMAZE
Brandon Lee’s last movie THECROW
Camera bag attachment SHOULDERSTRAP
Collins of ‘Dynasty’ JOAN
Cracks under interrogation TALKS
Curt summons from the boss SEEME
Destinations of some errant drives SANDTRAPS
Didn’t get reversed STOOD
Does bench presses, say PUMPSIRON
Drags one’s feet TARRIES
Feature of a covered bridge ROOF
Feel rheumatic ACHE
Fit to be tied IRATE
Fleet-footed Forrest GUMP
Flow like mud OOZE
Fudger of facts LIAR
Gives the thumbs-down to NIXES
Glee club voice ALTO
Grand Coulee, e.g DAM
Greeting or parting word ALOHA
Heredity units GENES
Home to a six-legged queen HIVE
Hosiery shade TAUPE
Hypnosis-ending sound SNAP
Junkyard buys, and a hint to the last parts of 20-, 35- and 40-Across RECYCLEDPARTS
Clues Answers
Laundromat fixture DRYER
Lead-in to a texter’s viewpoint IMO
Liable to capsize TIPPY
Makes a target of AIMSAT
Mind-numbing routine RUT
Next-to-last Greek letter PSI
Office space figure AREA
Overdo, as a privilege ABUSE
Overweight ‘South Park’ boy ERIC
Part of an anthology TALE
Patrick, to SpongeBob PAL
Pilot’s guess, for short ETD
Pixar hero with skeleton relatives COCO
Platter-licking nursery-rhyme fellow JACKSPRAT
Played for a patsy HAD
Poorly crafted SHODDY
Primary printing color CYAN
Pub offering ALE
Put to a whetstone HONE
Rental car name since 1974 ALAMO
Sailboat feature MAST
Security desk requests, briefly IDS
Serenade the moon BAY
Settle up with REPAY
Skyscraper construction unit IBEAM
Sonneteer, e.g POET
Source of strip steaks LOIN
Spacious carryalls TOTES
State unwaveringly AVER
Stationery store items PENS
Talent show lineup ACTS
Team in a rice paddy OXEN
Vegan stir-fry ingredient TOFU
Wage discrepancy issue GENDERGAP
Wears a long face POUTS
Where to find cattails MARSH
Word following a spill OOPS
Word on an invoice REMIT
Written in a dull manner PROSY