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USA Today – Jul 25 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘. . . or so’ ISH
‘Beautiful on the Outside’ memoirist Rippon ADAM
‘Don’t bother!’ NONEED
‘Glee’ actress Leakes NENE
‘Peace!’ LATER
‘That’s neither here ___ there’ NOR
Animals that bray ASSES
Asana sequence that might lead off a vinyasa class SUNSALUTATION
Beverage in which some eggs are boiled TEA
Bit of help with a riddle HINT
Chapter of history ERA
Country whose capital is Conakry GUINEA
Cylindrical pasta PENNE
Device with a snooze button ALARM
Distinctive body part of a papillon EAR
Entertain AMUSE
Eve’s garden EDEN
Fabric made from flax LINEN
Fanzine installments ISSUES
Formally accuse INDICT
Garments tied at the back APRONS
Gentle nudge LOVETAP
Goal AIM
Goes bad ROTS
Golfer Lawless LANA
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, for example SEXTET
Gratuity TIP
Hip-hop duo Super Lover ___ & Casanova Rud CEE
Horse’s father SIRE
Identity for some genderqueer people NONBINARY
Jokey response during a roll call ABSENT
Kanga’s son ROO
Lessens ABATES
Manju Mehta’s instrument SITAR
Me, in French MOI
More than the usual amount EXTRA
Most Nunavut residents INUIT
Nimble AGILE
Number of colors on the intersex flag TWO
Once more AGAIN
Outback bird EMU
Partner in marriage SPOUSE
Pecan or pistachio NUT
Person a book’s narrator might address READER
Picnic invader ANT
Ping-___ PONG
Pink part of a pencil ERASER
Plot section before the climax RISINGACTION
Polynesian wreath LEI
Prefix similar to ‘contra’ ANTI
Primate associated with Thoth BABOON
Quench SATE
Say without saying IMPLY
Seed in Mexican cuisine CHIA
Shaved ice dessert SNOCONE
Small bills ONES
Small versions MINIS
Sneaker holder SHOEBOX
Spunkiness SASS
Stage name for Montero Lamar Hill LILNASX
Statement after waking IMUP
Subtle distinction NUANCE
Suffix for a superlative EST
Swimwear brand SPEEDO
Televised event of July 20, 1969 MOONLANDING
UFO operators, possibly (Abbr.) ETS
Us, in Spanish NOS
Very strict SEVERE
What Basquiat and Bearden made ART
Word after ‘auto’ or ‘fine’ TUNE
___ beans and rice RED
___ City, IA IOWA
___ Dhabi ABU
___ quiz (trivia event) PUB