USA Today – Jul 26 2018

Clues Answers
‘Collages’ novelist Anais NIN
‘Happy Motoring’ gas brand ESSO
‘I called it!’ DIBS
‘There’s more . . .’ AND
‘We ___ everywhere’ ARE
1984 rock mockumentary THISISSPINALTAP
Ad ___ committee HOC
Amazon’s virtual assistant ALEXA
Andean source of fleece ALPACA
Big name in harmonicas HOHNER
Boston Harbor jetsam of 1773 TEA
Braggarts have big ones EGOS
Camden Yards player ORIOLE
Carrier of electrical power HIGHTENSIONWIRE
Contents of a seam ORE
Dental hygienist’s request OPENWIDE
Dryer fuzz LINT
Fixed, as a wage increase PEGGED
Fledgling’s home NEST
Foolish talk ROT
Forum language LATIN
Gem from Down Under OPAL
Gen-___ (boomer’s kid) XER
Goes public with AIRS
Heavy downpour TORRENT
Hoppy brews ALES
I can stand for it ONE
Iconic German auto VOLKSWAGENBUG
Ill temper IRE
In a tizzy AGOG
Isn’t up to par AILS
Kilauea outflow LAVA
Kingston Trio hit about the Boston subway MTA
Largest of the antelopes ELAND
Like a yellow banana RIPE
Like all but one prime number ODD
Like Fenway, among MLB ballparks OLDEST
Like rock’s U2 IRISH
Maritime rescue org USCG
Clues Answers
Market section AISLE
Middle of a Caesarean boast VIDI
Ninja or Amazon WARRIOR
Not saying a word MUM
Oscar statuette’s makeup, mostly TIN
Part of a palette HUE
Patrick Henry or Henry Clay ORATOR
Pedometer units MILES
Place for a price TAG
Puffball emissions SPORES
Quick plane trip HOP
Ralph who wrote ‘The Good Fight’ NADER
Roulette option RED
Rubbernecker, e.g STARER
Samples from a snifter SIPS
Sch. near the Charles River MIT
Sends to the Hill, say ELECTS
Separable cookie OREO
Shakespeare’s Ariel, e.g SPRITE
Spill the beans TALK
Suburban expanse LAWN
Suffix with moon or land SCAPE
Tax cheat’s risk AUDIT
The whole shebang ALL
They’re on the books LAWS
Toughen, as glass ANNEAL
Tribal homeland (Abbr.) RES
Ukrainian port ODESSA
V-formation fliers GEESE
Valentine’s Day deity EROS
Victim of Pizarro INCA
Where ‘Cut’ and ‘Paste’ are found EDITMENU
William of ’24’ DEVANE
Window decor DRAPES
Word after stuffed or empty SHIRT
Yard sale caveat ASIS
___ mater (brain covering) PIA
___ Skeeter (‘Harry Potter’ journalist) RITA
___ zone (dangerous area) NOGO

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