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USA Today – Jul 28 2018

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Clues Answers
‘. . . and children of all ___!’ AGES
‘Blondie’ or ‘Dilbert’ STRIP
‘Bloody,’ at a diner RARE
‘Crazy’ singer Patsy CLINE
‘Fiery’ gem OPAL
‘Hogan’s Heroes’ setting STALAG
‘In memoriam’ item OBIT
‘Yeah, sure’ ASIF
About 21 percent of air OXYGEN
Accepting customers OPEN
Antiperspirant choice ROLLON
Archipelago unit ISLE
Aunt Bee’s charge OPIE
Barber chair attachment STROP
Big name in ammunition OLIN
Bridge seat EAST
Brutish sort BEAST
Burn superficially SINGE
Cars at charging stations TESLAS
Chaucerian account TALE
Civilized chap GENT
Clickable text on a 70-Across LINK
Cowardly SeaWorld performer? YELLOWSEAL
Defeat, barely EDGE
Domingo delivery ARIA
Draw to a close WANE
Easily split mineral MICA
Fictional lab assistant IGOR
Flared dresses ALINES
Football game contested by fiddlers? VIOLINBOWL
Give a hard time to HASSLE
Give up, as a claim WAIVE
Give up, as land CEDE
Gives a silent OK NODS
Go ballistic RAGE
Grannies NANAS
Gunpowder component NITER
High-schooler, usually TEEN
Clues Answers
Home to most ASIA
Hoover and Oreck, for short VACS
Invite for coffee, say ASKIN
Is ‘it,’ in a game SEEKS
Island near Sumatra JAVA
Left-leaning GOPer, informally RINO
Lyricist’s output WORDS
Mars explorer ROVER
Mescaline-yielding cactus PEYOTE
Misanthrope, e.g HATER
Move to and fro SWAY
Musician Billy, looking unkempt? SLOPPYJOEL
Name in fine china SPODE
Nativity scene item MANGER
Out of the way ASIDE
Pass receiver’s miscue DROP
Place to graze LEA
Poise, to a model ASSET
Quell, as fears ALLAY
Red-ink entry LOSS
Scrub, at NASA ABORT
Seth of ‘Knocked Up’ ROGEN
Sets of points, in math LOCI
Simple model train layout OVAL
Socks away SAVES
Southwestern wolf LOBO
Steinbeck migrant OKIE
Texture of some vegetables? GREENSFEEL
Three wise monkeys’ taboos EVILS
Tiny stream RILL
Trident prong TINE
Trike rider TOT
Victoria’s Secret wares BRAS
Vintner Ernest or Julio GALLO
Walk like a tosspot REEL
Webmaster’s creation SITE
Word after 31-Down, on a shop sign TIL
___ Moss (fashion label) ELLA
___-pack abs SIX