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USA Today – Jul 28 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘And more’ (Abbr.) ETC
‘Ave ___’ MARIA
‘Boring!’ SNORE
‘Passing’ star Negga RUTH
‘See ya!’ TATA
‘There’s no place I’d ___ be’ RATHER
‘To review . . .’ INSUM
‘WandaVision’ star Elizabeth OLSEN
‘___ Been Loving You Too Long’ IVE
Adorable one CUTIE
Apex predator with fins ORCA
Atlantic or Pacific OCEAN
Aunt, in Spanish TIA
Batter’s stat RBI
Bored feeling ENNUI
Car with a chauffeur LIMO
Carved figures in Gothic architecture GARGOYLES
Christina Aguilera song with the lyric ‘You gotta rub me the right way’ GENIEINABOTTLE
Communal SHARED
Courtroom defense ALIBI
Covered in grit from the beach SANDY
Descendant of hardcore punk EMO
Do an impression of MIMIC
Dubstep is a genre of it EDM
Ending for ‘culp-‘ or ‘palp-‘ ABLE
Este Haim’s instrument BASS
First word of a rhyming cocktail MAI
Fragrance SCENT
Fruit that’s sometimes dried and salted PLUM
Get well HEAL
Gift-bringer with a naughty list SANTA
Graceful manner POISE
House, in Spanish CASA
Inside cuddler LITTLESPOON
Irish cream liqueur brand BAILEYS
Lenovos and Dells and such PCS
Long for something YEARN
Messy place, metaphorically STY
Neither’s partner NOR
NFL player Ankou ELI
Notes given on first drafts EDITS
One appearing on a talk show GUEST
Only appealing to a small audience NICHE
Pants part HEM
Part of TGIF (Abbr.) FRI
Perfect score in diving TEN
Physician, for short DOC
Pirate’s hello AHOY
Rainbow’s shape ARC
Regions AREAS
Scant MERE
Silver screen showing MOVIE
Some filler words ERS
Something lent in assistance HELPINGHAND
Spend time together HANGOUT
Spiders have eight LEGS
Starchy vegetable YAM
States strongly ASSERTS
Surprised words to a familiar face ITSYOU
Tail movement WAG
The Babadook, for example GAYICON
The best of ___ worlds BOTH
Timeline segments ERAS
Trim a lawn MOW
Tumblr sites BLOGS
Up-and-___ (rising star) COMER
Volcanic event ERUPTION
Wii avatar MII
Word after ‘fairy’ or ‘folk’ TALE
___ angst TEEN
___ error (computer problem that’s not the computer’s fault) USER
___ high (be ambitious) AIM
___ the issue (making someone decide) FORCING
___-de-France ILE
___-fi SCI
___-mo SLO