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USA Today – Jul 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘An ill wind’ woodwind OBOE
‘Correct answer!’ sound DING
‘CSI’ test facilities LABS
‘Gloria’ star Rowlands GENA
‘Gotcha’ ISEE
‘Om’ and others MANTRAS
‘South Park’ co-creator Stone MATT
1950s women’s fashion POODLESKIRT
2012 thriller set in Iran ARGO
Act the couch potato LOAF
Barney Fife, e.g DEPUTY
Baseball’s Steroid ___ ERA
Be eco-friendly with REUSE
Beantown air hub LOGAN
Big Pharma’s wares MEDS
Bratty kid in ‘Blondie’ ELMO
Carried, as by wind BORNE
Cause of writer’s cramp SPASM
Changes gears SHIFTS
Chorale member ALTO
Devoured greedily, with ‘down’ SCARFED
Discharge, as radiation EMIT
Do camels or toe loops SKATE
Don’t take off STAY
Dracula’s undoing STAKE
Either of one’s ‘dukes’ FIST
Elle or Vogue subject FASHION
Epic of Troy ILIAD
Falsely incriminate FRAME
Ferris wheel unit CAR
Former army post in Kansas FORTDODGE
Get firm, as Jell-O SET
Give or take ABOUT
Go parasailing, perhaps SOAR
Group with a code of silence MAFIA
Handled poorly MISDONE
Herb in sausage SAGE
Hue associated with LGBT LAVENDER
In tablet form, say ORAL
Clues Answers
Increase the grade of STEEPEN
Judge, as a golf green READ
King Mongkut’s kingdom SIAM
Lake where Perry triumphed ERIE
Line from the left ventricle AORTA
Lisping toon DAFFYDUCK
Manicurist’s abrasive EMERY
Many ‘-ite’ compounds ORES
Margarita garnish SALT
Mendes of ‘The Other Guys’ EVA
Mineral in hemoglobin IRON
Monets and Manets ART
Musial in Cooperstown STAN
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
Oysters’ homes BEDS
Places for hay LOFTS
Poorly lit DIM
Post-workout drink ENERGYSHAKE
Product of Adam’s rib EVE
Progressive’s spokesperson FLO
Quinn of ‘Unknown’ AIDAN
Rainbow-shaped ARCED
Ramshackle digs SHANTY
Rand Paul’s politico father RON
Right-hand people AIDES
Sally Field’s flying character NUN
Sires, biblically BEGETS
Skype delay LAG
Sushi bar libations SAKES
Tex-Mex topping SALSA
Toy in theme park names LEGO
Unabridged dictionaries, e.g TOMES
Untidy sorts SLOVENS
Vintner’s barrel TUN
Wavering effects, in music TREMOLOS
What ‘r’ may stand for ARE
Whopper teller LIAR
Zebra feature MANE