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USA Today – Jul 29 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Don’t mention it!’ NOSWEAT
‘Honest’ prez ABE
‘Just Do It’ brand NIKE
‘Make it snappy!’ NOW
‘Oh! And also . . .’ in texts BTW
‘Rather curious, don’t you think?’ ISNTTHATODD
‘___ and you shall receive’ ASK
After-shower powder TALC
At the peak of life INYOURPRIME
At the proper time ONCUE
Chocolate-yielding tree CACAO
Coins in Germany EUROS
Commands to attack SICS
Dasher or Dancer REINDEER
Degrees for some CFOs MBAS
Easy gait TROT
Empty, boastful talk HOTAIR
EMT’s skill CPR
Episode that generates residuals RERUN
Fully committed INDEEP
Garment that might be worn with Kolhapuris SARI
Get a touchdown, for example SCORE
Gets ready PREPS
Great Plains tribe OTOE
Greatest BEST
Head massage target SCALP
Help out ASSIST
Home for a pet snake TANK
Initials in a math proof QED
Laptop brand hidden in ‘space race’ ACER
Letter before omega PSI
Little doggie PUP
Logic puzzle originally called ‘Number Place’ SUDOKU
Lowest card in a royal flush TEN
Nairobi resident KENYAN
Nevada city home to Topsy the Clown RENO
Not going astray ONCOURSE
Noteworthy period ERA
Observes SEES
Org. receiving tax returns IRS
Pertaining to the universe COSMIC
Photographer’s device CAMERA
Phrase from groom to groom IDO
Poet Sharon OLDS
Prefix for ‘violet’ ULTRA
Relatives, colloquially FAM
Respectful title SIR
Respond to the host RSVP
Responded ANSWERED
Result of a fender-bender DENT
Ripped up TORN
Sauce that shares a name with a Mexican state TABASCO
Scheduled to arrive DUE
School hidden in ‘five tonnes’ ETON
Sheet music symbol CLEF
Singer Aimee MANN
Sister Sledge hit ‘___ the Greatest Dancer’ HES
Smirnoff rival SKOL
Softball stat RBI
Speedy pitch FASTBALL
Spirit-raising gathering SEANCE
State confidently ASSERT
Suggestion from an expert PROTIP
Summer time zone for L.A PDT
Threw away TOSSED
Toni Morrison creations NOVELS
Uncertainties IFS
Walk on a nature trail HIKE
Waterproof sheet TARP
Went down SANK
Willing to do UPFOR
Without cheating FAIRANDSQUARE
Word shouted to rid a friend of hiccups, maybe BOO
Wrinkle-removing appliance IRON
___ lazuli (blue gemstone) LAPIS
___ loss for words ATA