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USA Today – Jul 30 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t play’ notation RESTSYMBOL
‘Gay’ city of song PAREE
‘No diagonal words,’ in Scrabble RULE
‘Solved it!’ AHA
‘Where no man has gone before’ series STARTREK
Arab League dignitary EMIR
At one’s boiling point IRATE
Brief interval, briefly SEC
Buffet table vessels URNS
California range, familiarly SIERRAS
Capable of atrocities CRUEL
Cartoon catalog company ACME
Ceiling support JOIST
Channel for score updates ESPN
Chuck E. Cheese and Itchy, for two MICE
Commandos’ arms UZIS
Contented kitten’s sound PURR
Cooking fuel option GAS
Creepy look LEER
Display horror, in a way GASP
Dylan’s ‘It ___ Me Babe’ AINT
Either of Dumbo’s ‘wings’ EAR
Energy or drug policymaker CZAR
Excellent, slangily PHAT
Faris of ‘Mom’ ANNA
Feel punky AIL
Fleeting movie role CAMEO
Former Big Apple mayor Ed KOCH
Free of contamination SANITARY
Freshly polished SHINY
Grunted refusal UHUH
Hi’s comics spouse LOIS
Hoses down WETS
J-shaped candies CANES
KFC side dish SLAW
Knights’ attendants SQUIRES
Leonine locks MANE
Lie against ABUT
Like a skinny-dipper NUDE
Clues Answers
Low-resistance, as a bike helmet AERO
Maine State Museum city AUGUSTA
Much less 27-Down NICER
Muscle-controlling nerve cell MOTORNEURON
Not slouching ERECT
Ones to hang with PALS
Order by Wile E. Coyote from 49-Down TNT
Org. with a noted journal AMA
Organ in an orbit EYE
Poisonous river of the underworld STYX
Pouty looks MOUES
Ready to fall out LOOSE
Rudely confront ACCOST
Salon clipping TRESS
See red FUME
Senate divider AISLE
Smears pitch on TARS
Source of slag ORE
Southwest or northeast section, e.g QUADRANT
Sow or cow’s pronoun SHE
Soy-based soup MISO
Sport for beefy battlers SUMO
Stooge who said ‘Soitenly!’ CURLY
Stretch out ELONGATE
Tire puncture application PATCH
Toy on a track MODELTRAIN
Trebek with all the answers ALEX
Twitter followers, perhaps FANS
Utensil with short tines SPORK
Verdict returners JURORS
Villain’s hideout LAIR
Walk like a peacock STRUT
Where Margaret Mead studied SAMOA
Wise guy’s words SMARTREMARK
Word after living or receiving END
Worthy of sainthood HOLY
Yachter’s ‘Yo!’ AHOY
___ acid (protein component) AMINO
___ Dash (seasoning brand) MRS