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USA Today – Jul 31 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ heroine STELLA
‘Darn it!’ OHRATS
‘Have fun!’ ENJOY
‘Later, amigo’ ADIOS
‘Slumdog Millionaire’ country INDIA
‘Summertime,’ e.g ARIA
‘The Call of the Wild’ vehicle SLED
‘Without delay,’ on a memo ASAP
Andrews of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ ERIN
Antarctic transport SNOCAT
Attack moguls, perhaps SKI
Au pairs’ charges TOTS
Banks nicknamed ‘Mr. Cub’ ERNIE
Bear in two constellations URSA
Berry touted as a superfood ACAI
Better equipped ABLER
Beverage brewed outdoors SUNTEA
Bicycle wheel parts SPOKES
Big Apple retailer SAKS
Bouquet delivery co FTD
Bout ender, informally KAYO
Can’t live without NEED
Chips in a chip ANTES
Courtroom figures, briefly DAS
Cruise termini PORTS
Czech or Slovak SLAV
Dieter-friendly, for short NOCAL
Distorted, as data SKEWED
Doctorate students’ exams ORALS
Easy win ROMP
Event following the primaries GENERALELECTION
Go ballistic, with ‘out’ FREAK
Head-butting beasts RAMS
Homages in verse ODES
In apple-pie order NEAT
Inventor’s starting point IDEA
iPhone image ICON
Issue to debate TOPIC
Jack’s fairy tale foe GIANT
Clues Answers
L. Frank Baum’s coward LION
Lacrosse targets NETS
Like pink hair DYED
Michael B. Jordan boxing movie CREED
Nativity scene trio MAGI
Palm yield DATES
Pamphleteer’s work TRACT
Place for a snooze BED
Place to 47-Across SLOPE
Places for icicles EAVES
Prefix with bytes or bucks MEGA
Reclue, as a crossword EDIT
Replaceable joint KNEE
Request from Old King Cole PIPE
Response to ‘Are not!’ AMSO
Rigatoni relative PENNE
Rigs in rest areas SEMIS
River to the Missouri OSAGE
Roseanne with a self-titled sitcom BARR
Rotten to the core EVIL
Self-employed doctor’s business PRIVATEPRACTICE
Softest of minerals TALC
Sound from a 43-Across OINK
Squalid digs STY
State firmly AVER
State firmly AVOW
Steak platter shape OVAL
Sudden outpouring SPATE
Swimmers’ units LAPS
Target of Garfield’s kicks ODIE
Totally infatuated GAGA
Trace of color TINGE
Ultimatum ender ELSE
Union pariah SCAB
Venture capital from Goldman Sachs, perhaps MAJORINVESTMENT
Within walking distance, say NEAR
Word before rock or football ARENA
___ Beta Kappa PHI